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Robert Searing



Tiny Epic Quest by Gamelyn Games is live on Kickstarter.

This game, which pays homage to 8-bit favorites like Legend of Zelda, is now live on Kickstarter. You will traverse game tiles, cast spells, and attach shields and swords to specialized meeples designed to hold accouterments! All of this in an effort to earn the most points for victory. Thousands of backers have already pledged and the initial goal of $15,000 has been greatly surpassed.

A $20 pledge will get you the base game. $24 for the deluxe.

Click HERE to visit the kickstarter page.



Upper Deck has announced the 12th expansion for their very popular deck-building board game Marvel Legendary called Legendary: Noir!

Noir is designed by Devin Low and allows players to explore the Marvel Noir story-line through the popular Legendary game system.  The expansion consists of 100 new cards with all original art, 5 new heroes each with 4 unique scenes, and a one-page color rule sheet.  If you are a fan of the base game and previous expansions or just enjoy the Marvel Noir story (base game is required to play), you’ll want to be sure and check this one out!

To keep up with the latest updates, visit the Upper Deck page by clicking <here>.


Portal Games has announced the upcoming release of a brand new army in the extremely popular board game universe of Neuroshima Hex 3.0 designed by Michał Oracz!

Neuroshima Hex: Death Breath is designed by Michał Oracz.  Death Breath is a nasty virus that infects everything creating mindless, killing machines with powerful mutations.  Like all deadly viruses, Death Breath spreads quickly from one victim to the next.  This army also introduces a new game mechanic called the Zombie Pool.  When an infected unit is destroyed, instead of being discarded it is added to the Zombie Pool.  The Death Breath headquarters special power is that it can revive Zombie units from the pool after each battle making this army particularly difficult to kill.  One whiff of Death Breath and the Zombie Apocalypse begins!

To learn more, visit the Portal Games page by clicking <here>.


Everything Epic, those that brought us Secrets of the Lost Tomb, have announced (via the press release below) their next immersive adventure game, Coma Ward. Coma Ward is designed by Danny Lot and will be horror-themed.

Everything Epic Games to Publish Tabletop Horror Adventure Coma Ward

Millburn, New Jersey USA – October 31, 2016 – New Jersey-based Everything Epic Games, publisher of the 2015 action/adventure thriller board game Secrets of the Lost Tomb, announced today that it will publish Coma Ward, the debut title from Florida-based tabletop designer Danny Lott.

Coma Ward is a horror adventure board game in which the players have awoken in an abandoned hospital with no memory of their former selves, and must piece together not only the situation they find themselves in, but also their own identities and motives, if they hope to survive. Players struggle to maintain their sanity as they explore the derelict hospital, searching for clues to help unravel their predicament and eventually revealing one of several possible hidden phenomena included in the game. The phenomenon dictates each player’s role and win condition — until it is revealed, players have no idea whether the objective is competitive or cooperative, or whether the other players are friend or foe.

Lott’s long-held love of the horror genre inspired him to create Coma Ward, and he cites the unsettling nature of hospital settings as motivation for its unique and terrifying theme. As the owner/operator of Lakeland, Florida-based gaming party service The Game Shelf, Lott’s encyclopedic knowledge of tabletop games and publishers made it easy for him to select Everything Epic. “Coma Ward is an elaborate experience with intricate, often gritty storylines, and it needed a publisher that could give that experience room to grow. With Secrets of the Lost Tomb, Everything Epic demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they were up to the challenge of producing Coma Ward exactly the way I’d envisioned it, without cutting corners or sacrificing the thematic elements that make it truly unique,” explained Lott.

Everything Epic representatives met with Lott at Gen Con 2016, and after playing the game they agreed that Coma Ward was a perfect fit for their brand. President Chris Batarlis enthused, “With every turn, Coma Ward drew us further into its immersive narrative. It offers players a myriad of ways to interact with the environment and each other without getting bogged down in arcane rules. We knew right away that Coma Ward has that special something — that — that makes it a natural fit in our catalog.” Vice President Jim Samartino agreed. “The first time I played Coma Ward, it gave me nightmares. I knew then that it was a truly gripping experience — one we can’t wait to share with the rest of the tabletop community!”

Lott and the Everything Epic team are presently developing Coma Ward with the marketing and editing assistance of Matt Holden, executive director of the Indie Game Alliance. Everything Epic hopes to bring the game to Kickstarter in Spring of 2017.

Overworld Games (publishers of Good Cop Bad Cop) has teamed up with Stonemaier Games (publishers of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia) to bring to you a new strategic deduction game. Leaders of Euphoria is based off Good Cop Bad Cop’s gameplay, but has been refined and improved on. Players will join the game on one of two different teams, competing to erase the opposing faction’s leader. Taking turns, players can slowly reveal other player’s alignments or hinder/assist other players with artifacts from the Old World. One of the major difference of this game compared to Good Cop Bad Cop is the removal of player elimination. If a player is erased, rather than being removed from the game, they switch to a third faction and can then still attempt to win the game by finishing off either faction leaders.

As of today, the project will be up for another 23 days and is almost halfway to it’s funding goal of $20,000. The game can be pledged for $20 for the standard edition. There is also a deluxe edition ($29),which includes oversize ray guns for you to point at each other and large reversible player mats. Check it out on Kickstarter now!

Iron Games has announced two exciting new releases for the end of 2016.

First up is Phalanxx, a unique medium heavy area control game utilizing dice drafting and dice management.  Staged in the Macedonian Empire, Alexander the Great’s power is slipping from his grasp.  Its now time for you to compete for his inheritance.  In Phalanxx four factions compete to rule the entire empire.  You must become the most powerful faction by building an army, building supplies, and conquering the most important cities and oases.   To achieve such a feat, players utilize 3 “Home” dice.  Each round players roll 3 more “Traveling” dice and bring them together with their “Home” dice.  From this pool, you can choose to play new cards, increase your strength, conquer new regions, or change the values to create more options.  You are victorious if you have the strongest civilization at end game.  Phalanxx plays 1-4 players in 45-60 min for ages 12 and up.

Next is the Peloponnese Card Game: Patronus expansion adding one more player, one more round, and special Patronus cards.  Peloponnese Card Game is a civilization building game streamlined from the original board game.  The card game version plays 2-5 players in 20-45 minutes.

Both are due to be released November 16, 2016.





Leading the industries of creating board games, trading cards, and collectibles, Cryptozoic Entertainment, joined forces with highly regarded Russian publisher of board games, Hobby World, to release the highly anticipated Master of Orion: The Board Game in early 2017.  One of the most buzzed about games during the 2016 Essen Spiel game trade fair, this strategic video game transformation has received high praise from The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel receiving his seal of excellence.

“I was really happy with this. This really hits my sweet spot. Having cards and actions, the game plays smoothly.”  Tom Vasel

In Master of Orion: The Board Game players first decide which race to lead to victory.  Choose wisely because you will have to defeat other players in space confrontations while carefully managing your resources and building your systems.  This strategic economic card game has multiple paths to victory including military means, attacking other systems, building space fleets, or a path of creation.  The leader of the most successful system will be awarded the title of Emperor from the Galactic Counsil.

This competitive tableau building game plays 2-4 players and plays in 40-60 minutes for ages 12 and up.






Some very exciting news from NSKN games was announced today! The next expansion in their, very popular, “Exodus” line-up has been announced: Event Horizon. Exodus: Proxima Centauri was a very popular and exciting 4x game released in 2012. It earned a Dice Tower Seal of Excellence (review found here) and was followed with a huge big-box expansion called Exodus: Edge of Extinction (review found here). Well Event Horizon promises to please both old fans and newcomers alike.

Event Horizon is fully enjoyable with the base game of Exodus: Proxima Centauri, or along with Edge of Extinction, the previously released first expansion for Exodus. Even though all ten modules therein are compatible with one another and can be used together, each represents a new or enhanced experience. While some modules integrate seamlessly, others will surprise and engage you in brand new modes of play.

To find out more about the upcoming release you can read the entire press release here. You can also visit their web site here  or follow them on Twitter here.


In a recent press release, UK Games Expo (the largest UK board gaming/hobby convention), announced that as they enter their 11th year, they have confirmed their sponsors for their next 2017 event.

Major sponsors since 2012, and a large part of the impetus to move on and expand UKGE are Mayfair Games. Julie A. Yeager, Director of Marketing at Mayfair Games said “Mayfair Games is proud to continue our support of UKGE. Together, we are part of a great team, supporting a strong and growing U.K. gaming community through even more gaming opportunities for UKGE 2017!”

Catan Studio said “Catan Studio ™ develops and publishes Catan® games—the world’s preeminent analog game brand. We look to nurture the Catan community as it grows. Attending UK Games Expo, home of the UK’s largest Catan championships, as major sponsors is part of this strategy.”

To find out more, you can head over to their official page and read their press release here.


Grim is a new dice game, due November 2015, where players race to escape Grim’s aesthetically pleasing fate.

Be saved by ridding yourself of 10 Grim tokens or pass it off to your co-players to worsen their load. There is a bit of take-that to this game but like Shakespeare said, All is fair in Love and Eternal Damnation.

Once your personal tokens are vanquished, you must face Grim in a duel for final victory. Succeed and you will be saved while all others are hauled off to the AfterRealm and must read their GrimFATE cards. …Lose the duel and the game continues while you receive 10 more Grim tokens.