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Some of you may have been familiar with Game Start and their recent Kickstarter for Fantasy World Creator, a complete environment to enhance your fantasy role-playing experience. Fantasy World Creator was comprised of 140 tiles and hundreds of character, status, and monster tokens for use with role-playing. With over 1,600 backers it massively over-passed it’s 8k Euro goal raking in over 136k Euro.

Fantasy World Creator

Fantasy World Creator was a unique system that allowed one to enhance their Dungeons & Dragons / Pathfinder / Insert Fantasy RPG Title experience by allowing for so many different combinations of maps along with creature and character tokens to help in mapping out dungeons as well as helping with the tracking of combat. Well, Game Start has done it again are proud to announce the launch of their Kickstarter for Future World Creator. Future World Creator will up the ante in all that it will provide for your Space/Sci-Fi RPG needs.

Future World will provide tiles for four different environments including an alien planet, post-apocalyptic, spaceship, and city. There will be over 50 re-writable interlocking tiles with over 20 different building tiles as well.

There will be 330 different character pawns with 4 different colored stands to use. There will be hundreds of status tokens AND 16 different ship tokens….and lots, lots more.

Ok, so this looks great, right? But how does it tie to the board game world? Well, Game Start has announced that they have concluded a collaboration agreement with Jon Gilmour (Dead of winter series, Dinosaur Island series and Wasteland.

“We offered our products to him and he found them very versatile to write a set of rules. He will collaborate with us creating a “rogue experience” game using the contents of the Core box and the expansion of Future World Creator. He was looking for a product that would allow him to brush up one of his very first successes, “Pocket dungeon” and to evolve it. He found this opportunity in our “World Creator” series. The set of rules will be associated only to Future World for now and presented during the campaign as a paid addon.”

So head over to Kickstarter and get in on this now to enhance your RPG experience. And anyone that pledges during the first 48H will be able to obtain this cool mini. Be sure to also check out the app that can be viewed here.

Z-Man games announced a new category of games, an official “Pandemic System” category. This term will represent any game that has, at it’s core, the Pandemic engine.

This comes as a result of confusion that was discovered to surround the Pandemic Survival World Championships. There seemed to be questions that would continuously be raised about what comprised the competition such as what games would be played, the meaning behind the term “Survival’ and why certain themed games were used and others not.

With all of that in mind, I’m excited to announce that we’re defining a new category of Pandemic games. Going forward, games whose foundations are rooted in Pandemic’s gameplay will be known as Pandemic System games. We want players to know that the engine under the hood is based on Matt Leacock’s award-winning co-op mechanics, while the setting—be it historical or fantastical—allows us to adapt gameplay to create a more nuanced, thematic experience. “

Head over to Z-Man Games’ web site for more info regarding the future of the Survial Games series.

There’s definitely been an onslaught of gaming accessories on the scene within the past couple of years and board game bags are among some of the best getting attention!

Game nights are an important part of every board gamer’s routine and there’s definitely a need to come up with a way of transporting them to the fun. Games, as you know, come in all shapes and sizes from the traditional sized box of something like Arkham Horror to that of the large-sized Gloomhaven. But don’t forget your board game fillers such as your typical Roll-and-write or something simple like Jaipur or Tea Dragon Society.

Enter – GeekOn!

“GeekOn! was created in 2018 when a group of like-minded people came up with a better way to transport a hoard of games to game night. Along with the highest quality boardgame bag on the market we pride ourselves in creating the most innovative and useful gaming accessories matched only by our first rate customer service! “

GeekOn makes a variety of game bags and game bag accessories in not only a variety of colors, but with unique features you won’t find anywhere else right now! Pictured on the left you can see the size of the bag without being expanded – large enough to fit several games back-to-back. However, with their unique zippering system, you can expand the pack to hold much more if you have the need (pictured on right and below).

Additionally, there are quite a few pockets to fit smaller games on either side as well as a really nifty compartment on the top of the bag.

The bag system comes with quite a few extras as well, including game mat cases, wrist straps, and dice trays (check them out here).

GeekOn has a Kickstarter campaign planned for 4th quarter of 2019 with some new carrying solutions as well as several really cool accessories that complement their current line of accessories! They probably have the most innovative bag on the market right now!

Pandasaurus Games has announced two new upcoming family-weight games to be released in fall 2019: Wayfinders by Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance (Decrypto), and Silver & Gold by Phil Walker-Harding (Sushi Go!, Imhotep & Barenpark).

Wayfinders is a route-building game in which 2-4 players will take the role of explorers racing to chart new paths through the skies, outfitting their planes with the right gear, and building hangers on islands to stock with parts. The game will feature 3D molded airplane and hanger tokens.

Silver & Gold is a roll & write game with no set turns in which 2-4 players will simultaneously (and frantically) attempt to complete and close out island cards and hit the right bonuses before they can jump to the next card. To do so, players will need to “rain down X’s, rapid fire.” The game will include 60 wipeable playing cards and 4 dry erase pens.

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While at Gen Con, I had the pleasure of meeting the folks over at Playdek & GMT. I met with Gary Weis , the lead developer for Labyrinth: The War on Terror – designed by Volko Ruhnke, the creator of the COIN series of board games and ex-CIA analyst. Many of you may already be familiar with their development of the app for Twilight Struggle. Well, I got to witness a development copy that was near it’s completion with an upcoming release on the PC and iOS/Android later in the year.

Labyrinth plays very similar to Twilight Struggle however is set in the 2000’s at the peek of the terrorist threat. Additionally, Labyrinth supports
hand management, crisis mitigation and card effects based on actual events!

“Labyrinth features distinct operational options for each side that capture the asymmetrical nature of the conflict, while the event cards that drive its action pose a maze of political, religious, military, and economic issues. In the parallel wars of bombs and ideas, coordinated international effort is key — but terrorist opportunities to disrupt Western unity are many. The Towers have fallen, but the global struggle has only just begun.”

I was able to head over to the Mondo Games booth (3061) who, along with Restoration Games (booth 355) have published Unmatched (a re-theming of Star Wars: Epic Duels). Unmatched is a streamlined asymmetrical battle game in which you pit two different characters (anyone from Bruce Lee to dinosaurs) against one another.

“Unmatched is a highly asymmetrical miniature fighting game for two or four players. Each hero is represented by a unique deck designed to evoke their style and legend. Tactical movement and no-luck combat resolution create a unique play experience that rewards expertise, but just when you’ve mastered one set, new heroes arrive to provide all new match-ups.”

Available at the con was the base game which comes with King Arthur, Medusa, Alice (in Wonderland), and Sinbad. Additionally there were two expansions – the Bruce Lee and Jurassic Park add-ons. There are additional IP expansions slated, such as a Buffy the Vampire expansion pack. Unmatched is a very simple and fast-playing game that will appeal to a variety of players.

Asmodee USA recently announced Unexpected Games, a new studio headed by designer Corey Konieczka, which will be focused on “innovation and idea incubation.”

Konieczka, who joined Fantasy Flight Games in 2005 and has designed notable titles such as Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, Star Wars: Rebellion, and Mansions of Madness: First Edition, has departed his role as VP of Research & Design at FFG to take the lead on this new project.

According to Konieczka, “Our goal is to create games that are novel, fun, and accessible. We hope to surprise people and create experiences that they’ve never had before.”

While the details about the first game to be released under the Unexpected Games brand are still relatively under wraps, it is expected to be released in 2020 and, according to Konieczka, it will be a “multilayered experience that tells a story in a unique way.”

You can find more information at Asmodee’s official page here.

So day 3 brought bigger crowds for sure! reported over 70,000 attendees and the crowds in the corridors certainly seemed to validate that! So my first visit was to the Plaid Hat Games’ booth (823). Many that know me may know that Mice and Mystics is my family’s all-time favorite game and PHG certainly doesn’t continue to disappoint.


Aftermath, from designer Jerry Hawthorne, was available to playtest. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which players control various critters in a story-book cooperative game similar to that of Mice & Mystics.

” In the game, you play as a misfit band of critters known by their colony as “providers”. There’s the guinea pig with anger issues, a hamster that talks fast and drives faster, a small mouse with keen eyes and a lot to prove, and a mysterious vole who’s borderline feral. These characters each have their own personalities, play-styles, and personal goals. “

Also available to demo and purchase is a new release, Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, designed by Dan Blanchett. The game pits you, competitively, against other players as you test your monster-building skills.

“Through worker placement and careful management of decomposing resources, you’ll gather materials from the cemeteries and morgues around the city, conduct valuable research at the Academy of Science, hire less-than-reputable associates, and toil away in your lab — all in an effort to assemble a new form of life and infuse it with a “spark of being”.

The artwork was phenomenal and it really combined a great set of mechanics – blending worker placement with set collection and a touch of variable player powers! Stop by the booth to give it a test!

It was next off to the iELLO booth to take a look at one of their newest releases – Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon, designed by Bruno Cathala. Ishtar was a beautiful tile-laying game that just rang of high quality! The circular tile pieces were of the thick card stock that we’re used to from iELLO and Cathala didn’t disappoint with game mechanics. Players are responsible for turning an arid desert into a flourishing garden by placing trees and flowers.

“Get them before your opponents, recruit apprentices, send them to earn points in the copses of flowers you have created, block others and think carefully of the upgrades to purchase if you want to become the best gardener at the end of the game!”

As you’re undoubtedly aware, there is much more to Gen Con than JUST board games….there’s board game upgrades! And one of the leaders in the upgrade business is Top Shelf Gamer (2051). The folks over at TSG offer a variety of upgrades from token and resource bundles to coins and gaming overlays and for tons of current and popular games!

My last stop of the day was near and dear to my heart. I’m a HUGE fan of the old Diablo game. Sanctum, from CGE Games (room 237) scratches a very large itch for me. I was able to see a demo of this game (due to release at Essen 2019). It’s a competitive game that fans of the hack n slash genre should feel very comfortable with. Supporting up to 4-players, Sanctum will have players hacking and slashing while obtaining lots of weapon and skill upgrades. With an inventive skill leveling system, Santcum will have players traversing the map and leveling up their character while eventually heading to a boss fight at the climax of the game.

“As one of the heroes, you embark upon a quest to rid the land of a demonic invasion, fighting your way through countless enemies and gearing up to face the Lord of Demons himself. In the process of venturing deeper into the land, ever so much closer to the Demon Lord, the heroes have to improve their equipment and adapt their combat tactics to face the increasing difficulty of combat.”

Also available to purchase in the CGE room was a fun-little word cooperative game, Letter Jam! I got to play this and, although the rules took a bit to pick up, once you had a solid understanding of the game it made for a fun word game that had players puzzling out different words to culminate in a final word scramble that led to a big payoff – or a realization at just what that word was you were trying to guess several turns ago!

It’s funny, I was getting ready to title this article as “Gen Con Day 2” as it’s been my second day here…but today actually marked the first official day of the convention!

Today, I was able to get a round a bit more and spend some time at a variety of other booths. First on my trip was Calliope Games (booth 1901)!

Ship Shape, which has probably turned into my favorite game thus far, is a fun drafting, tile laying game that is quite unique. Each person has a pirate ship hold, made up of a 9×9 grid. You draw tiles that have certain areas of the grid missing from the tile and you are tasked with laying them on your storage hold so that as you look down onto the hold, whatever the top visible icon can be seen is what you score. Couple that with some fun drafting rules and you have a fun filler game that plays in about 30-40 minutes.

White at the Calliope booth I was able to also demo SpyMasters which was a bit of a welcome surprise for me. It is a “I pick-you choose” game in which you are agents trying to solve different missions around the board. It had a “Pandemic”-y feel to it only in that you had actions to take place that your cards you choose help to determine. You’re tasked with moving around the board and completing missions. This was quite a fun game that surprised me.

My next stop took me by the Funko demo room (141). Ever since Origins, I had heard quite a bit of buzz regarding the new Funkoverse system. There were several 4 character and 2 character sets (combinable) available for sale. Two DC sets, two Harry Potter sets along with a Golden Girls set and a Rick and Morty set were all available. Each sported the Funko figures that have become quite popular but the games sported some unique gaming qualities that were really intriguing.

Each turn, you select one of your characters and perform two actions. Each character has access to basic actions like moving and challenges as well as several unique abilities that may be performed only by spending ability tokens. Funkoverse uses an innovative “cooldown” system — the more powerful the ability, the longer it will take for the ability token to become available again — so players have to spend their ability tokens wisely. Each character in Funkoverse is unique, so players are encouraged to try out different combinations of characters and items in order to discover their favorite synergies and powerful strategies for all four game scenarios.

There are already new packs in the works scheduled to be released next year. There’s plenty available now to provide tons of fun and this game will definitely appeal to young and old alike. Having 9 children myself, I’m real anxious to get this to the table to get some quality time spent with the family!

Yet another stop took me to the USAopoly (The OP) booth (137). New this year and getting quite a bit of hype was their Die Hard game. However, what excited me quite a bit were several upcoming games they were demoing – namely Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising and a Toy Story deck-building game. For those familiar with Thanos Rising, you’ll see many similarities with this game however this game ramps it up a bit with Voldemort interacting more with the Death Eaters and making it quite a bit more difficult. This, too, is a cooperative game that is sure to appeal to any Harry Potter fans.

A game that I was most excited about was the Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures. This game is the spiritual successor to Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Battle in that it will be a deck-builder with similar evolving additions/boxes to the game over time.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Gen Con fun!!

Well, we’re right in the middle of convention season and after a successful Origins and Dice Tower Con, we are right at the onset of Gen Con. This is the 52nd year for Gen Con and for those not familiar, is happening right in the middle of Indianapolis (at the convention center).

This year is reported to have over 65,000 attendees (the largest yet) and feature over 19,000 different events. This is the 6th year I’ve had the opportunity to attend and, as I’ve done in the past, I would like to take a little time to feature some of the highlights of what to expect this year.

First up is Blue Orange Games (booth 1813). They have a few new releases that I was excited about. The one I was most excited about is Slide Quest. Are you a fan of Sorry Sliders? Now add a fantasy theme and a bit of RPG to the mix and you have Slide Quest. In this game, you work as a team to move a knight around a board – maneuvering around obstacles and monsters. This is achieved by lifting up on one of four different levers to move the hero (who has a rolling ball at the base of the figurine). This is an extremely fun family hit!

Next up is Kingdomino Duel. Roll-and-Write’s are extremely popular these days and Kingdomino Duel brings Blue Orange into the mix of fun R&W’s. For those familiar with the domino-building kingdom game in which it is themed (Kingdomino) in Kingdomino Duel, you are combining two different dice values to form a domino and then, in turn, use it to draw it into your kingdom. To find out more about the game you can view the Dice Tower’s review here. If you’re a fan of the original game – and enjoy the Roll & Write craze – this game is for you!

Speaking of Kingdomino, Blue Orange Games will be hosting their USA championship tournament during GenCon

During each hour, 36 participants will be divided into 8 groups of either 4 or 5 players. Groups of 5 players will play with the Kingdomino expansion Age of Giants. The winners of each group will be divided in 2 groups of 4 and will play another game. The 2 winners of those groups will have to come back at 7pm for the Grand Finals.

You can find out more about the tournament by visiting Blue Orange Games’ website here.

Next we’re on to Horrible Games and their release of The King’s Dilemma
(booth 3065 – Luma Games). This game is a turn away from their successful Dungeon Fighter line-up and is more of a narrative game that features many evolving decisions made to build an evolving deck of cards.

You will draw one card from the “Dilemma deck” each round and experience the game story as it unfolds. Each card poses a problem that the Council has to resolve on the King’s behalf. As members of the King’s inner circle, your decisions determine how the story proceeds and the fate of the kingdom. Each event happens only once: You discuss and bargain with the other players, then finally you make a choice, determining the outcome, progressing the game story, and possibly unlocking more events.

Let’s now focus some attention on Portal Games (booth 2443). Portal has long been one of my personal favorite Publishers. With hits such as Robinson Crusoe and the recent hit, Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame, designer (and company owner) Ignacy Trzewiczek, along with Joanna Kijanka, have released Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. This is a standalone game (set in the Imperial Settlers universe) where players will take on the leaders of either the Scotsmen, Inuits, or Vikings to make them the best empire in the world.

Develop your economy, deflect your opponent, and fight for dominance in the north. Learn new mechanisms, and experience a unique style of Imperial Settlers. Will you be able to create the most successful civilization in Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North?


Last is a visit to Starling Games & Sparkworks (booth 2225 & 2317). Available from Starling is Anomaly – a hidden movement deduction game in which one person/team plays students who are up against a feeding anomaly. What’s unique about this one is that players (students) will use special ability cards that will then be fed to the anomaly, in which case they will be used for their inverse abilities which will benefit the entity. Check this out along with some other light games such as Blindspot (an inventive word game) and Penny Lane (a small worker placement game) both pictured below.

Penny Lane
Blind Spot

Keep your eyes out for future articles that I’ll try to post over the next couple of days.