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Born and raised in the south of England, Phil currently lives in the seaside city of Brighton where he works as a Front-End Web Developer. His interests include yoga, woodworking and of course board games!

Fantasy Flight Games have previewed their latest unit expansion for the upcoming Star Wars: Legion war game – The AT-RT.

The All Terrain Recon Transport costs only 55 points – a fraction of it’s bigger AT-ST cousin and is considerably more mobile. The lighter unit won’t be stopped by walls or barricades, climbing over them easily and also has the same heavy armor. As with all unit expansions, the AT-RT comes with a full compliment of interchangeable upgrade cards each with matching sculpts to attach to the miniature. Weapons include a Rotary Blaster, Laser Canon and naturally the Flame Thrower!

Not to be let down in it’s short game, the AT-ST can also make use of those legs to stomp a mud hole in any unit foolish enough to attempt a point-blank assault. Other features include the option of a long-range communications link for fast responses anywhere on the battlefield or a communications jammer if you prefer the chance to shut down your opponents ability to send orders.

The AT-RT Unit Expansion Set for release on March 22nd 2018 along with the Star Wars: Legion Core Set and seven other expansions. For an overview of the base game checkout the Miami Dice Official Review, with Tom & Sam.


10 years ago… A mysterious burst in the sky gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. They’re called EPICS.

Based on the Brandon Sanderson trilogy of the same name, The Reckoners from Nauvoo Games is a brand new co-op game for 1 – 6 players currently running on Kickstarter that plays in roughly 75 minutes.

You and up to 5 friends each take on the role of a Reckoner, the only ones brave enough to stand up to the evil epics and save humanity from their tyranny. Over the course of the game players will roll dice and take actions, combining their Reckoner’s various skills and abilities to try and defeat several epics before a final showdown with villainous Steelheart.

If the players succeed in defeating him, humanity is saved but should too many civilians perish before then their cause is lost. For a simple game play overview head over to the review by Board Game Corner or for an in-depth rule breakdown you can checkout the official rule book PDF.

The campaign offers four different pledge levels and while most of the content should be available at retail, the highest pledge level offers several Kickstarter exclusive including metal and painted miniatures.

Your mission is simple, but not easy. Take down Steelheart and his Epics and SAVE THE CITY!

Games Workshop have announced The Chosen Axes, a new warband for the stand-alone combat game Shadespire.

An ancient city filled with treasure. Terrors too awful to name.

The new warband requires a slow but offensive play style that rewards tactical timing in the inspiration of units. While initially slow, each of your Fyreslayers will become a true force of destruction once inspired!

The pack comes with a completely new set of highly detailed miniatures and what would a warband be without a full compliment of cards at their disposal just waiting to rain havoc down upon their unsuspecting adversaries!

Packs of blood-hungry killers – and worse. Sounds like a job for the Fyreslayers!

The Chosen Axes are also fully compatible with games outside Shadespire and come with two new warscrolls. Check out the preview video to see the models on display and prepare for the coming destruction!

You can pre-order The Chosen Axes from 12th February 2018.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of  Meditations on the Ephemeral a new dynasty pack for the very popular Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Legend of The Five Rings: The Card game is a 2-player Living Card Game set in the fantasy land of Rokugan. Players take command of rival clans and engage in epic battles to prove themselves the greatest clan in the realm and decide the fate of Rokugan.

Each player has access to a unique dynasty deck of clan cards representing the various actions, locations and characters available to them, an honor value and a number of proveniences under their control. The game takes place over a series of rounds with each player taking turns playing cards to further their goals. Victory is achieved by gaining honor, reducing you opponent’s honor or by braking enough of your opponent’s proveniences to launch a final assault on their clan’s stronghold.

Meditations on the Ephemeral expands the base game, completing the Imperial Cycle with 3 copies of 20 cards brand new to the game.

As the year comes to a close, so does the Imperial Cycle. The battle lines have been drawn, the Emperor is watching. Will your clan reign victorious, or be consigned to a mere footnote in the history books? Now is the time to decide your fate!

Meditations on the Ephemeral is available to buy in stores and online now. Head on over to Boardgamegeek for more information and check out Zee’s video review for an overview of the base game. Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game is just one of many great titles by Fantasy Flight Games.


“RISE UP! My fellow animals, against those that would exploit us!”

ARGH! (Animals Revolt aGainst Humans) is a brand new 2 to 4 player bluffing and set-collection card game published by Dude Games from designer Romaric Galonnier.

In ARGH! players take the role of rival animal operatives fighting to stop the evil human scientists from experimenting on any more innocent animals. Ratchet, the leader of ARGH! has charged you with destroying the lab once and for all. Unfortunately, he has also charged other animals with the same task and there is not enough glory for all! Act quickly, find allies where you can and anything you can do to hinder your rival freedom fighters couldn’t hurt either…right?

On your turn you will draw a card from one of three decks (Garden, House and Laboratory), look at it in secret and decide to keep it face up or give it to another player face down. Without knowing what the card is, that player then chooses to keep it face down or return it to you face up. Play continues in this way until one of the three decks is empty or any player has two face-up bomb cards.

A player with two bomb cards is declared the winner but if a deck runs out first, each player reveals all their face down cards. If nobody has two or more bombs, the value of their cards will determine each player’s final score. Check out the official rule book for a complete rule explanation.

“Join me and together we shall annihilate this place, the symbol of our oppression!” – Ratchet, leader of Animals Revolt aGainst Humans.

ARGH! is the latest offering from designer Romaric Galonnierc, also known for games such as Yesss! and Casting.

ARGH! plays in 5 – 15 minutes and set for release in January 2018!