Patrick Zoch

A retired military veteran, father of five, and an avid wargamer, boardgamer, video gamer, and role play gamer. Now that his world traveling days are over, he spends his days working on training and education policy. In his free time (which is every other minute he is not working on the "Honey, Do" list), he draws his family, friends, and co-workers into the boardgame hobby. He can be readily found on as "pdzoch".

Games Workshop ends 2017 as the biggest winner on the London Stock Exchange.

Bloomberg reported last September that Games Workshop assumed the top position in the FTSE All-Share Index, knocking off a copper mining company as the top gaining company for 2017.

Revenue and earnings for Games Workshop remained higher than the previous year but surged in June with the launch of their new edition of the Warhammer 40k line.

According to Bloomberg, the weak pound made Games Workshop products cheaper for overseas customers who made up over half of its customers. Over the course of 2017, Games Workshop had to upgrade their profit expectations three times.  By the end of the year, Games Workshop stock had grown 266%, almost doubling the growth seen by the second largest gaining stock.