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Jonathan Lundberg


Wil Wheaton is back with Season 4 of his hit show Tabletop brought to you by Geek & Sundry.  In this season guests like Seth Green, Felicia Day, Jonathan Coulton, Matt Mercer, and many others will be showing up.

They have announced some of the games that will be showing up Season 4.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
Champions of Midgard
Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Fate Core System
Steam Park
Misspent Youth

The first two episodes will be available on youtube today 11/2 (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival) & 11/9 (Champions of Midgard).  After that they will be available via Alpha for early access and will drop on youtube biweekly starting on 1/30/17.

Today’s episode is available here.


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Dan Yarrington proprietor of Myriad Games and Game Salute is being sued by his former business partners Zev Shlasinger and Paul Gerardi.  At the heart of the lawsuit is a contention by the plaintiffs that Mr Yarrington & Myriad Games committed fraud in the initial inducement to create the partnership ZaP’D Games LLC and breach of contract during the management of the business and during its dissolution.

The public records can be found here.

The winners of the prestigious Spiel Des Jahres and Kennerspiel Des Jahres have been announced.

Codenames by designer Vlaada Chvatil published by Czech Games Editions won the Spiel Des Jahres (German for Game of the Year).  This team party game has seen great success thus far having one a number of Dice Tower Awards as well.  Having already picked up placement in Target stores this award can only aid in its uptake with the non-hobby gaming public.  This win was not overly surprising as a result of the overwhelming popularity seen by the aforementioned items.

Isle of Skye: From Chieftan to King by designers Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister Published by Mayfair Games/Lookout Games won the Kennerspiel Des Jahres (German for Connoisseur Game of the Year).   This game has received critical acclaim from many within the gaming community.  This win was more surprising as a result of the competition it received from both Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and T.I.M.E. Stories.

For more information you can visit the Spiel Des Jahres awards pages for Codenames here and Isle of Skye here.


The committee for the Spiel Des Jahres or “game of the year” has announced this years nominations for the three awards they issue each year.

Spiel Des Jahres

The nominees for the main award are fairly diverse.  Codenames the hit of Gen Con 2015 is a surprise to almost no one who has been paying attention.  Having already infiltrated the mass market stores it is hard to deny that this clever little deserves to be on this list.  Imhotep just came out in Germany in March of this year and has not had an English release yet.  Looking to provide a family weight game involving strategy and a little bit of take that has it fitting in nicely.  Karuba the final nominees is game maker HABA’s first foray into games intended for older audiences.

They have additionally give five honorable mentions

Kennerspiel Des Jahres

Nominations for the Kennerspiel or connoisseurs category is filled three massive hits from this year.  With Both Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and T.I.M.E Stories being in the top 30 games of all time on Board Game Geek it is not surprising that either of those was nominated.  The first nominee Isle of Skye is only ranked 250 on BGG but has a solid pedigree behind it.  Having been released by Lookout/Mayfair Games this highly strategic tile laying game provides a lot of opportunity for very intricate strategies to come into play.  Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 shot up to the number one spot on BGG within 2 months of its release.  Widely regarded as one of the best implementations of the legacy concept by designers Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock and being widely regarded as one of the best selling games within the last year this was an obvious nomination.  Finally we have another legacy style game with T.I.M.E Stories which has already had three expansions released and more announced this promises to be a great cooperative legacy game which can be played in decent sized chunks.

The three honorable mentions were quite well regarded as well

Kinderspiel Des Jahres

The Kinderspiel which often is the category that surprises the most has fewer surprises than normal this year.  With at least one title that is a reimplementation of a well known game for the older crowd in this group.  Leo Muss zum Friseur which as already won the Austrian children’s game of the year for 2015 is a great little press your luck game.  Stone Age Junior is a clever reimplementation of the older game Stone Age designed by Marco Teubner.  Finally is Mmm! which is a great little cooperative game well suited for introducing a child to the cooperative genre.

Honorable mentions

zman games logo

F2Z Entertainment the owners of Z-Man Games have announced a change in the distribution methods for their games in the United States.  Effective March 15th it will be changing its distribution to being through the five of the largest distributors in the U.S. market ACD Distribution, Alliance Distribution, GTS Distribution, Peachstate Hobby Distribution, and Southern Hobby Supply.

This will end its exclusive distribution through Alliance Distribution.  Its subsidiaries Pretzel Games and Plaid Hat Games are already available through multiple distributors and the positive experience of both contributed to this change.  This is the second major game company to end an exclusive distribution relationship with Alliance in the last two months Days of Wonder being the other.

The press release from Z-Man Games is availabe here


PD Verlag has announced the second expansion to the popular 2013 game Concordia.  This expansion will introduce a new resource into the game (salt) along with 2 new maps Hispania and Bycantium.  With last years expansion adding Britannia and Germania but no new resources.  With the addition of salt the base game will have some new variation.

With an announced release of Essen 2015 more details should be coming out.  Until then you can check out the original announcement from PD Verlag here (in german)

mistfall 2

NSKN Games has announced the releases of two titles.  Exodus: Edge of Extinction is the sequel to Exodus: Proxima Centari.  You can see our story covering the games initial announcement here.  This will released at Gen Con 2015 for the north american market, Essen 2015 for the european market, and made available through the hobby game store market in November 2015.

Exodus: Edge of Extinction expands each faction in Exodus: Proxima Centauri, bringing asymmetric powers, a new array of unique technologies and new game play options, making an epic empire building game even more immersive.

mistfall locations

They have also announced the release of Mistfall which we covered here.  This will be released at Essen 2015 and likely released through the game store market shortly after.

Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure game set in a fantasy world of mystery, eldritch powers and high adventure. With decks of equipment and power cards, players embark on a dangerous journey through a set of monster-ridden locations. Each hero comes with a pool of advanced abilities that can be added to their basic deck during the game to customize and expand their powers. A variable board setup, randomized encounters and enemies and a simple but robust monster AI make Mistfall a varied and challenging experience.

For more information you can head over to NSKN’s website here.