Corey Thompson

A retired veterinarian and ex-cell biologist, Corey spends his time with board games, computer history, banjo music and general useless frivolity. Corey can be found as doccabet on BGG.

Green Couch Games has started a Kickstarter campaign for Ladder 29, a 2-5 player climbing trick-taking card game in the style of Tichu and Haggis. Designed by the team of Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle (Fleet, Morocco, Wasteland Express Delivery Service), Ladder 29 adds the unique twist of “hot spot” goal cards for each player. The hot spot card dictates in which order each player should go out. The game features beautiful firefighter themed card art, score tracker cards and has an option for a custom playmat.

The Kickstarter for Ladder 29 continues through April 12, and is due to deliver in October 2017.

Renegade Game Studios has announced the new cooperative space themed dexterity game by Kane Klenko (FUSE, Flatline), Flip Ships. In Flip Ships, 1-4 players flip their ships to protect their planet from an onslaught of firepower, defeat an invasion of enemies, and try to take out their mother ship. Flip Ships features beautiful art from Kwanchai Moriya (Catacombs, Kodama), plays in 30-45 minutes and is due to be released in Summer 2017.

You can read more about Flip Ships in Renegade Game’s press release here.

Thundergryph Games announced a new pirate themed game Dead Man’s Doubloons by Geek Fever Games. In Dead Man’s Doubloons, 2-5 players take control of a legendary pirate, sailing through the reefs surrounding a mysterious island looking for gold, gems and pieces of treasure maps. Once the player finds the buried treasure and returns it to their ship, the players engage in a final epic battle. Unlike other games, when a player has been destroyed in battle, they continue playing as a ghost ship. Ghost players can still win, but it is more difficult since their treasure is now cursed. The game comes with metal coins, tarot sized playing cards, acrylic gems and bag, board game and area tiles, and beautiful plastic ship models, 5 in solid colors and 5 clear for the ghost ships.

Visit Thundergryph’s website to read more about Dead Man’s Doubloons, as well as a chance to win the game.

Cool Mini or Not (CMON) has just announced that they have hired Eric M. Lang as Director of Game Design as of April 1, 2017. Eric is one of today’s most prolific and respected game designers with a 20 year legacy. The catalog of games Eric has worked on is too long to list in entirety, but includes such classics as Dice Masters, Blood Rage, XCOM, Quarriors, The Others, Arcane Academy, Bloodborne and Arcadia Quest. Eric has won numerous awards over the years, including the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming in 2016, 5 Origins Awards and multiple Dice Tower Awards. Upcoming releases by Eric Lang include the CMON Kickstarter Rising Sun and The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire.

Asmodee has announced details about the fifth expansion for TIME Stories, Lumen Fidei. Lumen Fidei takes place in 15th century Spain, at the end of the Reconquista, the religious wars between the Moors and Christians for control of Spain. For the first time, the T.I.M.E. Agency has tasked you with retrieving and returning an object from the past – a stone drawing the attention of both sides of the conflict. All indications point to something supernatural.

Lumen Fidei is due to be released 2nd quarter 2017. For more information click on Asmodee’s press release here.

First Class, the popular 2016 European release by Helmut Ohley (Russian Railroads, Trahmbahn), is being brought to the U.S. by Z-Man Games. In First Class, 2-4 players develop a pair of train lines from humble beginnings into true luxury, rivaling even the great Orient Express. Players choose from 18 action cards each turn to grow their train, and use cards to visually represent the cars. Additionally players have a conductor meeple they need to efficiently move through the cars, and players can add destinations and customers to the train line. Additional play modules and depth and theme, with a murder mystery module even adding hidden roles.

For more information, read Z-Man Games’ press release here.

IDW Games has announced King of the Creepies from Keyhole Games, a card based strategic card game for 2-6 players with plenty of humor. The game takes place in the arena where players draw and battle Creepies in order to earn victory crystals. Everything in the game is a joke and each Creepy has its own personality and play style. For instance, the Witch can give you the “cold shoulder”, increasing her attack value. Fight for a legitimate victory, or secretly go for hidden objectives. The high humor level allows beginning players to play casually, however the game’s unique Gear and Ability cards add enough depth to keep hard core gamers fighting to the end.

King of the Creepies is due to be released June 2017.

One Thousand XP has started a Kickstarter Campaign for The Last Garden, a 2-4 player card playing and worker placement game in which players are “robotanists” trying to create the best gem garden to please the queen. The garden on the game board is split into 6 sectors each marked with dice. On their turn, players will play a card and place a robotanist. Cards have a die number in the upper corner to determine which garden sector is affected. The twist is that if the action cannot be played in the indicated sector, the card location  becomes wild. The three types of cards allow players to place new gems in the garden, move gems from one sector to another, and change the die numbers on the sectors. Robotanists can then be placed in the gardens, the mines, the workshop or the lab in order to earn the favor of the queen, or to gain special powers. The most favor cogs at the end of the game wins.

The Kickstarter Campaign for The Last Garden is scheduled to run through March 28, and the game should deliver in November 2017.

Turn One Game Supplies has announced Space Invaders Dice!, a 15 minute “roll and write” dice game for 1-4 players. Players roll laser dice to mark columns on the score sheet. They then roll the invader dice to begin crossing off invaders of different colors from a score pad with the full complement of invaders. The classic Space Invaders structure and theme is all there with shield bunkers, the different aliens and even the UFOs on the top of the paper. As players clear columns of invaders, they lost invader dice, making the game faster and more dangerous as you kill more invaders. Several multiplayer game modes exist including a dice drafting variant.

Space Invaders Dice! is due to be released in May 2017.

Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games have announced The Fox in the Forest, a new 2 player trick taking game by Joshua Buergel (Hocus). The two studios have previously teamed up for the popular games Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and World’s Fair 1893. Special abilities of fairy tale figures let players change the trump suit,  lead a hand after losing a trick, and more. Win by taking the most tricks, but if you are too greedy, you may fail like the classic fairy tale villain. The Fox in the Forest is due to be released Summer 2017.