Corey Thompson

A retired veterinarian and ex-cell biologist, Corey spends his time with board games, computer history, banjo music and general useless frivolity. Corey can be found as doccabet on BGG.

Strawberry Studio and Chris Costagnetto (3 Wishes) have announced a Kickstarter Campaign for Strawberry Ninja, a cooperative card memory game for 1-4 players of all ages. In Strawberry Ninja, players place field cards face down in a grid pattern, then shift two cards in the manner of a sliding 15 puzzle. The second card moved is revealed, giving the player an action. Players then move the kitten tile according to a random deck. The goal is to find the hidden Strawberry Ninja card in time and pounce! The game features beautiful cards with art by Magdalena Markowska (What’s Up , 3 Wishes), round tracker and token, and a kitten pawn.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Strawberry Ninja continues through March 24, 2017 and is expected to deliver in August.

Greater Than Games and designers Chris and Suzanne Zinsli (Tessen) have announced a Kickstarter campaign for Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins. Dubai is a resource collection and tile laying game in which players rebuild a post apocalyptic city of Dubai as one of 4 unique factions. The interesting mechanic of the game is the concept of a worker rotation on one of 3 rondel tracks. A player will place one of his workers in the next spot clockwise on either the ruins, engineer or port rondel. All players then can bid for actions around that rondel in counterclockwise order. Finally, the player who has the last spot on the rondel moves his worker and leads the next turn. This system offers a very dynamic turn order and keeps all players engaged each turn. The port rondel is for resource collection, the engineer rondel for collecting money or purchasing one of 5 types of structure tiles, and the ruins rondel is for receiving secret goal cards, building collected tiles or trading resources. Each rondel is a 3 dimensional attractive cardboard tower, and the campaign has options for upgraded resource pieces and metal coins. As players build tiles, they uncover additional bonuses by removing crystals from their faction board. Players earn victory points for area control, money, and achieving secret goals.

The Kickstarter Campaign continues through March 24, 2007 and is expected to deliver in March 2018. You can visit the campaign webpage here.

Braggart Second Edition had a successful Kickstarter in 2016 and is coming soon from 8th Summit Games. In this re-imagining of Braggart (2010), you’re not a hero, but in The Heroes Return Tavern, you talk a mean game. Players use cards from their hand to add to their increasingly wild story trying to be the most funny, believable or awe-inspiring. But other layers can call you out as a liar, downgrading your boasts. Braggart Second Edition is due to be released in March 2017.

Innovation (2010) from Carl Chudyk (Glory to Rome, Mottainai) is getting a Deluxe Third Edition from Asmadi Games, which includes the award winning base game and all its expansions. Innovation is a card game with multiple use cards, where players guide a civilization from stone ages through modern times. The new Third Edition has a release date of March 2017.

Virulence from Genius Games is a fast simple card game for 2-5 players that can be taught in seconds and plays in 10-20 minutes. In Virulence, players take on the role of viruses and compete to take out host cells for victory points. The game mimic the way viruses infect host cells, and involves blind bluffing, engine building and a bit of luck. Virulence is due to be released March 2017.

Playroom Entertainment has announced a number of new games, both for children and adults.

BirdDay Party is a new cooperative card game for 1-4 players age 5 and up. Players want to help all the birds get to the party at the birdhouse, but must make sure each bird brings a gift. Players do this by matching card colors to peephole colors, encouraging memory and cooperation skills.

Three Lil Birds is another children’s cooperative game for 2-6 players. Players ages 3 and up must use simple math to progress around the board with cards depicting different numbers of colored birds.

Sitting Ducks Deluxe is a new edition of Sitting Ducks Gallery (2005) card game. In Sitting Ducks, players manipulate their line of duck cards to move the ducks down the row and avoid the line of fire. In this “take that” game, cards can target, shoot or move the line of colored ducks in various ways. The Deluxe edition plays 3-6 players and includes the “Birds of a Feather” expansion deck.

Claim to Fame (1990) has a new printing. Claim to Fame is a party game for 4 or more players that combines charades, drawing and verbal clues. Players guess five facts about a celebrity on their card, using a method determined from their space on the board.

In Costume Party Assassins, 2-6 players play assassins all invited to the same costume party. In a vein similar to AssassinCon, each player knows his own identity on the board, but not that of the other players. Try to eliminate your rivals and be the last surviving assassin at the party.

Spoiler Alert is a card driven party game for 4 or more players in which players try to get teammates to guess a title. But the clue giver cannot spoil the story, and like Taboo has a list of words they cannot say, each with a negative point value attached.

Geek Out Family is a new edition of the popular bidding and trivia game Geek Out (2013), with topic cards the whole family can enjoy.

Finally, Unspeakable Words Deluxe is a new edition of Unspeakable Words (2007), the Cthulhu themed word game. Words are scored based on the number of angles in the letters, and players must roll less than their word score on a 20 sided die to avoid going slowly insane. The Deluxe edition plays up to 8 players, contains upgraded components, a glow in the dark die, and new art by John Kovalic.

Bezier Games has announced their newest game, Whistle Stop, by designer Scott Caputo (Kachina, Voluspa). In 1869, the driving of the golden spike sparked the start of the great railroad expansion in the U.S. In Whistle Stop, players build train routes west across the U.S., picking up goods and selling to small towns along the way. In exchange for goods, players gain shares in the railroads, or can hold the goods for bigger payoffs when they reach the west coast.

Players will need to optimize their actions, possibly gain new actions, block the other players and lay new tracks while managing their limited coal resources. The Game includes game board, 5 player boards, town tiles, coal, gold and whistle tokens, 60 resource cubes, 25 wooden trains, railroad shares, and upgrade cards. Whistle Stop supports 2-5 players and plays in just over hour, and will be released August 2017 at Gen Con. Pre-orders will be available at Bezier Games.

Matt Leacock and Peaceable Kingdom have announced Mole Rats in Space, a new cooperative game aimed at children 7 and older. In Mole Rats in Space players will take the role of mole rats running a space station, when a band of snakes infiltrates the station. The players need to work together, gather resources and make it to the escape pods in time. Peaceable Kingdom has been exploring the role of cooperative board games in teaching children to work together in a team in respectful and compassionate ways. Mole Rats in Space is for 2-4 players and plays in 20 minutes.

Special effects studio wizards Weta Workshop and Cryptozooic Entertainment have teamed up with designer Matt Hyra (Attack on Titan: Deck Building Game, Ghostbusters: The Board Game, DC Comics Deck Building Game, and many others) to bring the 2-4p mech combat game GKR: Heavy Hitters to Kickstarter. In Giant Killer Robots (GKR) players create a squad, build their deck of cards and compete for fame, fortune, and salvage rights. GKR: Heavy Hitters combines mech building, dice rolling and tactical play with beautiful components. The 4 asymmetric teams each come with 1 large (139 mm) pre-painted miniature and a support team of three smaller (47 mm) units.

Players take the role of a unique pilot with special skills and upgrades, commanding one of the teams to battle with primary, secondary and orbital weapons. As players take damage, they lose cards from their deck, and if the cards run out, they are eliminated. The goal is to tag the large buildings on the board, which gains the player corporate sponsorship and tactical advantage. Four tags on a building destroys the structure, and four destroyed buildings wins the game.

The GKR: Heavy Hitters Kickstarter campaign continues until March 24, and is expected to deliver in December 2017. Click here to go to the Kickstarter page.

Z-Man Games has just released the second edition of the popular 2p game Akrotiri (2014). Designers Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim, known as the Bamboozle Brothers (Belfort, Junk Art) have updated the rulebook and the balance of the game, however the biggest change to the new edition is the addition of “multiplayer Akrotiri”. In the new edition up to 4 players can hunt for legendary temples, but only if they own two copies of the game. To this end, the new edition contains different player colors than the first edition. For more clarification, Z-Man will be bringing a FAQ file about multiplayer in the near future.

Following in the footsteps of the popular Warhammer Quest: Silver TowerGames Workshop has announced a new game in the Warhammer Quest Line, Shadows Over Hammerhal. Taking place in the seat of the God-King Sigmar’s power, Hammerhal, 2-5 players control a band of heroes questing to nullify a Chaos plot in the dungeons under the great city. Shadows Over Hammerhal comes with 31 miniatures, a 72 page guidebook, adventure book, 55 cards, 18 double sided boards, 12 dice and a variety of tokens and counters.

Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal is available now for pre-order and is scheduled to ship February 25, 2017.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new expansion for Eldritch Horror, Cities in Ruin. Earthquakes, Typhoons and other natural (or unnatural) disasters are destroying the cities of the earth. Cities in Ruin brings in 4 new investigators to try to combat the Elder Gods, and the coming of Shudde M’ell, The Cataclysm From Below.  Shudde M’ell was once imprisoned in the ancient city of G’harne, but the wards have weakened and the ancient one now stirs, bringing ruin in its wake. The game even starts with Rome wiped from the map when Shudde M’ell stirs.

Cities in Ruin is scheduled to be released second quarter 2017.