Dice Tower Newsletter

Edward Crutchington


Good morning (UK time) Gamers, here is your round up of the latest game announcements.

First up – Kingsburg. You heard it right.

The latest edition of this classic from designers Andrea Chiarvesio and Luca Iennaco has just been announced by Z-Man Games. Containing the base game, all five modules from the To Forge a Realm expansion, and the brand-new Alternate Advisor Rewards module, you will have more options than ever before!

Sadly this reporter could find no expected release date, but here’s hoping for 2017!

Not to be outdone, WizKids have been busy. Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol is coming out in January 2018. Nicely timed to coincide with the new film coming out soon, this deduction game will have you using influence to meet contacts, gather information, and reveal evidence, to identify the replicant. Unless of course, the replicant is you!

Last, and by no means least, we have CMoN announcing DOJO KUN: THE BEAUTIFUL FIGHT . The good news is that this one is imminent, expect to see it in your FLGS around September 29th.

A mysterious letter with an invitation to enter Dojo Kun has arrived on your doorstep. Have you acquired the knowledge necessary to lead your Athletes to victory, or is there still a long way to go on your path?

And now for something completely different…..BUSINESS NEWS!

ThinkFun the leading developer of logic and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) games in the U.S. market, including the ever popular Escape the Room series have joined the renowned Ravensburger Family, following closely from Wonder Forge and BRIO .

It’s clear in the press release that this is seen as a really positive step for both parties, as they look to expand their range, and their penetration in the growing games market.

Good luck to them, and fingers crossed for more Escape the Room games!!

As we make our way into Spring, taxes done, new fiscal year underway – must be time to invest some money! Or, as I like to call it, BUY GAMES!

First up from Overwold Games, we have Barker’s Row.

Following on from their last Kickstarter success ‘Leaders of Euphoria’, Overworld Games takes us into a twisted carnival setting with Barker’s Row. Featuring stunning visuals and 3D components, which lift the game up, you play the part of a carnival barker filling their grandstands, but as you get more successful, each attraction will be more demanding than the last – giving the other barkers a chance to catch up.

Barker’s Row is available now on Kickstarter.

We also have Rayguns and Rocketships from IDW Games. Set during the golden age of science fiction, during inspiration from classics such as Flash Gordon, this beautiful looking game is a miniatures board game for 2-4 players, this is also available now on Kickstarter.

Oh, and did I mention this is design by renowned video game designer and author Scott Rogers (God of War, Pac-Man World, the Maximo series, Drawn to Life, and Darksiders)!


It’s shaping up to be another good year to invest in Games!

PSI have just announced two brand new exclusive sales and fulfilment deals in all North America and international markets (excluding Europe – although I don’t know what we did to deserve that!) for NSKN Games and Strawberry Studio.

NSKN Games have been in the hobby gaming market since 2011, and have made quite the name for themselves through games such as In the Name of OdinMistfallHeart of the MistsSand & Snow and Mistfall: Valskyrr.

Strawberry Studio have only recently come into their own (2016), as a daughter company of NSKN Games, but have already made a micro-splash in the world of microgames with titles like 3 WishesWhat’s Up and of course Strawberry Ninja.


Well it’s a cornucopia of news today, with an influx of announcements across the board (board? see what I did there?), so hold on to your Top Hats, and let’s go.

Catalyst Games have announced not one, not two, actually yes, two Shadowrun games.

  • Shadowrun Zero Day – is a head-to-head card game, quick fire and heading for launch in June at GenCon
  • Shadowrun: The Board Game – this may stir some memories, originally planned for 2014, this game has gone through a heavy redesign and is also planned for a GenCon release. Build your team, level and gear up your runners, go on missions, sounds like a solid strategy.

Fantasy Flight Games launches the sixth wave of Armada expansions. This brings us the Imperial Light Carrier Expansion Pack and the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack draw inspiration from Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One.

Three new ships – one Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier and two Hammerhead corvettes – will shake up your fleet nicely, and with a host of upgrades, they will encourage you to get up close and personal with your foe.

Steve Jackson Games are also in the news. Continuing the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the ever popular OgreSteve Jackson Games are re-releasing digital versions of three classic, hard-to-find Ogre supplements: Shockwave, Ogre Reinforcement Pack, and Battlefields.

New units in Shockwave include a devastating Cruise Missile, a Laser Tower to shoot it down, two new types of GEV; and the Superheavy Tank!

You want more news? Well OK then.

Cryptozoic have said they have three titles coming soon

  • Ghostbusters 2 – is due out in Q3 2017. Hot on the heals of a very successful Kickstarter, this will be hitting Retail stores soon. So if you want a copy, Who you gonna call? That’s right, your FLGS!
  • Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Melee at Murdershroom Marsh (to use its full title) is the latest addition to the Epic Spell Wars series. Fully compatible with the previous releases, and as a standalone addition this new game will surely take you on a trip!
  • Finally, the DC Deck Building continues with DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 6: Birds of Prey. One of DC’s most popular super-hero team ups, the Birds of Prey are made up of fierce, intelligent and brave superheroes who operate in the shadows to protect the citizens of Gotham City and beyond.

In case you have missed it – CMON have also been in the news recently, announcing a new miniatures game based on A Song of Ice and Fire (that’s The Game of Thrones books, in case you weren’t aware) – A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game (think the clues in the name).

This will be heading to Kickstarter in Q3 of 2017 and retail stores in 2018.

Just a couple more….

Genius Games‘ next game is on KickStarter right now. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game has already passed its modest funding goal. Winner of the 2016 Stonemeier Design Day Highest Rated Game award, this worker placement game takes place inside a human cell.

This game is in very real danger of educating you, while you have fun! You have been warned.

Last, but certainly not least – Ultra Pro have announced three games ‘coming soon’

  • Fetch – Is all about helping your animal friends get their treats, not by moving them around, but by moving the Park!
  • Battle Kittens – The name says it all. Gear up your Moggies and let the fur fly!
  • Iron Curtain – Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter…it didn’t. A micro game of super powers assering their influence, and dominating battlegrounds to ensure their political victory.

And there we go, a bumper crop for you to feast on!


The latest expansion to the Ascension universe by Ultra Pro and Stone Blade Entertainment was announced here. Below is a recent press release that provides more details on the upcoming release:

Ultra Pro and Stone Blade Entertainment are proud to announce their upcoming expansion to the Ascension universe, Gift of the Elements!

Gift of the Elements is our eleventh Ascension set and we’re excited to bring back two popular game mechanics: Events and Transform. Much like in our previous releases, Storm of Souls and Immortal Heroes, Events enter the game via the center deck and create an immediate impact for all players. However, unlike previous sets, Events can now be acquired and transformed into powerful Hero cards.

In addition to these fan favorites, we’re also introducing two new mechanics to Ascension: Infest and Empower.

For the first time in a full Ascension release, you can “infest” your opponent’s’ deck, forcing them to draw useless cards. This gameplay feature can slow down a player that jumps out early and introduces a strategic element not seen in previous sets.

But fear not! We’ve given players tools to deal with these cards in the form of Empower cards. When the player acquires an Empower card, he may banish a card played that turn. In other words, you can gain the effect of a card and then banish it. This added flexibility creates a lasting impact in each game and we’re excited for everyone to experience it.

Gift of the Elements will be released on Monday, March 20, 2017. And, if you preorder on AscensionGame.com, you’ll receive an exclusive preorder promo!

Ascension VR is also available now with the War of Shadows expansion (coming soon to iOS and Android)

Hot on the heels of the PETAs appeal to Games Workshop to consider their use of ‘fur’ in their games (reported on DTN here), the community has taken it upon itself to respond.

In the latest Regimental Standard (Required reading for the modern Guardsman), Guardsman are reminded that the unacceptable use of pelts, hides and even skins, is strictly frowned upon.

Even in the 41st Millennium, when there is only WAR, there is still a need to ensure that humans show their “ability to maintain valorous composure”.

Of course, the battles will continue, so Guardsman are reminded that they can (and should)

  • Shoot the foe – repeatedly until dead and the body destroyed
  • Cut the foe – with any available sharp implement, including knives, swords and polearms
  • Crush the foe – with rocks, buildings or tanks

Just so long as Guardsman remember that they are NOT allowed wear any part of the (now deceased) foe.

I, for one, am glad that this has finally been addressed.

A new year, and a new chance to prove that you (yes you) are the best of the best.

Starting in April, the Unrivaled tournament gives everyone a chance to show their board gaming prowess in the Largest Tabletop Tournament of the year.

Fighting your way through the Satellite competitions in local stores (over 240 nationwide), then the Regionals (staring in July), leading to the Finals in Las Vegas in October, the winners will be crowned National Grand Champion and will pick up a very tasty $10,000.

So if you have the taste for adventure and daring-do, then sign yourself up for one of these games

  • Munchkin
  • Ascension
  • Epic Spell Wars II: Rumble at Castle Tentakill
  • Nevermore
  • Villagers & Villains

Oh, and for those of us not lucky enough to compete (or make it through the feeder rounds), the final will be broadcast live on Oomba TV

Just a few days ago on the 28th January Portal Games held PortalCon 9.

A one day event, this gives Portal Games staff a chance to meet local fans, and highlight what’s been happening in the Portal world.

The keynote speech highlighted the successes of Cry Havoc, Robinson Crusoe (2nd Edition) and the opening a new office in Germany.

Looking forward to 2017, they highlighted the upcoming releases of First Martians, Alien Artifacts and the Cry Havoc expansion, Aftermath. A mention was also given to a Portal studio dedicated to bringing our favourite Portal games to iOS and Android.

They have now made their keynote presentation available here.

Dog Might Games have announced their latest addition to the increasingly beautiful array of Dice Trays crafted by Lumberjack Vikings.

Now live on their Kickstarter, the Dragon Tray is “the most jaw dropping dice rolling surface known to man”. It’s hard to argue with such a wide variety available (over 25 designs), you’ll be sure to find one that fits the theme of your game and with a Lifetime Guarantee you’ll be using these for years to come.



Having successfully Kickstarted last year, End of the Line – Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival is a game that appealed to this Brit as it involves a lot of queuing! It is now available for retail.

In End of the Line, you experience the end times from the perspective of an everyday citizen. With your Dad, Mom, Boy, Girl and Dog your family must stand in line waiting for food, water, fuel, and ammo. Meanwhile, terrible things (played by you and your opponents) are happening trying to make collecting those resources difficult.

Your goal is to outlast your opponents as you experience mutant attacks, dehydration, starvation and some of the worst pop culture references the end days has to offer.

With a player count of 3-5 Players, and a playing time coming at approximately 70 min.

The base game comes with a very cute looking post-apocalyptic family, all just itching to get into line. The game is due to ship at the end of February which means you won’t have to wait for long if you do back it. Which is kind of a shame, when its a game about waiting!