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I'm an engineer manager by day, board game entusiast by night. I will play most anything once but I love adventure style games and cooperative games, or just playing games with my wife. Games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, TIME Stories, and 7th Continent really hit on all those marks for me and I love discovering new gems. I can be contacted on BoardGameGeek.com under the user ID "burke4865"

shogun big box

Big box editions are the way companies seem to go as they reprint older games with expansions and this one for Shogun is no different.  Shogun, released in 2006, is an area control type game where you are a lord in feudal Japan vying for control of the south in order to build the greatest empire (and score the most points).  This will be accomplished through various actions and card play along with the use of the cube tower.  The cube tower is an innovative way of combat resolution where the number and color of cubes you put in most likely will not be what comes out thus making sure that some battles will not go the way you think they will.

shogun big box contents

In the big box will be the Shogun game, 4 expansions, and 452 wooden meeples and tokens to replace the cardboard chits and wooden cubes of the previous edition.  Now some of you may be wondering why I said four expansion as only two have been released for Shogun, well two new expansion for Shogun will be released with this big box expansion adding even more to the game.

You can pledge to the campaign here and they offer pledges to get the big box edition or just the new expansions and wooden bits.  Campaign ends on June 3rd and as of this writing they have already well surpassed their funding goal.

fluxx dice

I don’t know about you but when I saw this announcement I was a little excited, I like Fluxx and it’s many incarnations and also love dice, so I had to check this out.  Fluxx is a simple game that in the beginning you have a hand of cards and you simply draw a card and then play a card to try and satisfy the current goal, where things get interesting is that the rules constantly change and so does the end goal, making the game very random.  What Fluxx Dice will do is take the place of those basic rules and so at the start you will roll the two dice (one for draw and the other for play) to get the starting rules, but they don’t stay that way for long as the next player will roll the dice on their turn to see what they draw and play.  The dice also come with 5 new cards to add into the deck of Fluxx you roll the dice with.

Fluxx Dice will be available at your favorite retailer on August 28th, you can go to the Looney Labs site here to find out more information.

mars attacks

Steve Jackson Games and Topps have had a bit of success in teaming up to bring the Mars Attack license into the board game world.  First with the Mars Attacks: The Dice Game being a success last year with fans and with the impending release of Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown they hope to repeat that success.  But while doing this they’ve had a thought, what about our loyal GURPS players?  So again Steve Jackson Games and Topps have teamed up to release the Mars Attacks book for GURPS fourth edition so you can relive the Mars invasion from either the earthling, or martian side of the conflict.

No release date has been set yet and it has been mentioned that this book will not be stand alone so you will still need the base set 4th edition GURPS book to play.

elemental lotus dice

I really enjoy a fancy set of dice and these don’t disappoint.  This campaign is for some beautiful opal style d6 dice with four different elements on them along with a nice satin-looking dice bag that matches the aesthetics of the dice.  Numbers are printed on the dice instead of pips and the four elements included are verdant, azure, crimson, and flare (green, blue, red, and yellow respectively).  There is not much to the campaign since it’s just for dice but it does include a good number of pictures so you can clearly see what the dice will look like.  Pledge levels start at 4 dice and go all the way up to 25 and keep in mind shipping as these are coming from New Zealand.

Head over to the campaign here and pledge, as of this writing they are fully funded and the campaign will end on June 10th.

thousand young

Fantasy Flight Games has released another preview piece to show off more of the upcoming expansion to the Cthulhu LCG, The Thousand Young.  This time around instead of dwelling on the new monsters being included they have switched to the new location cards that will take you away from New England to multi-cultural New Orleans and the dark, terrifying bayous of south Louisiana.  They also describe one of the ways the new resilient ability will be used in this expansion.


The Thousand Young gives us yet more reason to fear the darkest swamps of southern Louisiana.

  • Baleful Dark Young (The Thousand Young, 10) arise from those fetid regions where Shub-Niggurath is busy Birthing a Thousand Young (The Thousand Young, 33).
  • Giant, lumbering Marsh Gugs (The Thousand Young, 14) prowl the bayou for prey, and to them, nearly everything is prey.
  • Finally, if you should meet someone who might be able to provide you guidance, there’s no guarantee you’ll want to follow that person’s advice. You’re more likely to meet some Bayou Shaman (The Thousand Young, 5) eager to dwell close to the source of his unholy power than you are to meet some kind-hearted, benevolent spirit.

Check out the preview here to see several of the new cards that will be included and get more information on how the Shub-Niggurath faction will continue its quest for total domination.

Expected release is late second quarter in 2015.

Mensa Mind Games each year evaluates dozens of games to determine which should earn the honor of being a Mensa Select game, and they have finished evaluating this year’s batch and announced the winners.  The five games that earned this distinction are:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig – Bezier Games, Inc

Dragonwood – Gamewright

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games

Letter Tycoon – Ad Magic/Breaking Games

Trekking the National Parks – Bink Ink, LLC

That is a second win by Bezier Games after winning in 2013 with Suburbia and Gamewright adds another to it’s list of winners with this year being their eighth win.  The announcement as well as a link to previous winners can be read HERE.

As of this month (May) Cryptozoic is opting to stop sales of their trading cards and binders in their online store.  In a press release on May 4th they announced this change as a shift to drive more business to the retailers and distributors.  So while you won’t be able to buy directly from Cryptozoic anymore, you will be able to buy it from retailers, and since they no longer have to hold stock back for their own store, there will be more available to the retailers.  In short, you can only get Cryptozoic TCG products from retailers, and supporting retailers is always a good thing.

Read the full notice HERE, they have also included a link to help find retailers near you that carry Cryptozoic products.

strange remnants

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Strange Remnants, the next expansion for the lovecraftian game Eldritch Horror.  In this new expansion instead of fighting something from another dimension or something from the deep, you are fighting against Syzygy, the cosmic alignment of the planets that will spell certain doom for the world.  You will have to bolster the Earth’s defenses put in place by ancient civilizations at places like Stonehenge, or try to close the portals themselves before they can converge.

Strange Remnants enables you to explore the prehistoric Mayan temples of Chichen Itza, the winding Great Wall of China, fog-shrouded Stonehenge, and the stern Moai Statues of Easter Island. The new Mystic Ruins Encounter deck brings each of these four locations to life through encounters that might alter time and space for your benefit or curse you with debilitating Conditions. Beyond these four sites of arcane importance, your determined struggle against a new Ancient One will lead you to sites of arcane power throughout the world. New Location and research encounters connect you with ancient ruins and artifacts in places from Egypt and Argentina to San Francisco and Arkham.

strange remnants cards

You will have four new investigators to help you do this as well as a host of new items and allies along with new locations to explore.  Prepare to work hard because you are against the universe, and it’s not so forgiving.

Release is currently set for the third quarter of 2015 and you can head over to the FFG site HERE to read the news post which has several links to let you preview some of the new cards in the set.

adventure time love letter

As the 47th iteration in the Love Letter line AEG has announced Adventure Time Love Letter.  Will it be Finn or will to be Jake that ends up with Princess Bubblegum in the end?  Play for this version is like any other version of Love Letter, everyone starts with a single card and on their turn they draw one card and play one card, attempting to eliminate all the other players or hold the highest value card at the end of the round in order to score a point.  First to a set number of points wins, but this version adds a new twist for winning a round.  In this set you can win a round by reuniting the two main Heroes, Finn and Jake, through playing the one and forcing the other to be discarded.  As with other implementations this won’t break the mold but just adds another theme to the line for you to pick from.  Release has only been alluded to as in the next couple months and the art will have the Adventure Time characters dressing up as the Tempest version characters.

Facebook post from AEG


Enhancing your tabletop experience with sound seems to be the new trend, and Darkraven Europe is continuing to expand their library with Sci-Fi soundscapes to help amp up the atmosphere of your next game.  The new collection of tracks includes soundscapes such as flying in a hover car, floating off-world, partaking in various parts of the city, or being in a mech battle.  There are lots of samples for you to listen to and get a good idea what what you are buying and more will be added as the campaign continues.  In total they plan to have at least 26 tracks which will add up to over 6 hours of sound for all your sci-fi/cyberpunk gaming needs.  As more stretch goals are unlocked more tracks will be added and as a bonus they are holding a miniature painting contest with their soundscape libraries as prizes.

Head over to the campaign HERE to pledge while there is still time.  The campaign will end May 14th and as of this writing they have raised 78% of their funds so they are well on their way to being funded.