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I'm an engineer manager by day, board game entusiast by night. I will play most anything once but I love adventure style games and cooperative games, or just playing games with my wife. Games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, TIME Stories, and 7th Continent really hit on all those marks for me and I love discovering new gems. I can be contacted on BoardGameGeek.com under the user ID "burke4865"

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar was released three years ago to the pleasure of some, and disdain of others, but has been going strong as THE fantasy skirmish game set in the Warhammer universe.  Now three years later the game has grown and changed, and so to clean things up Games Workshop is going to be doing a new edition of Age of Sigmar Core Rulebook.  In this new edition will be an expanded narrative and lore, cramming lots of new background and history to the many places and times you have heard about in the game.  Also they have managed to add in one thing players have been asking for, maps, lots and lots of maps of all the different locales you can take your armies.  Plus they have refined the rules of the game to play faster and cleaner while somehow making it more fun to play.  They have even teamed up with tournament organizers and champions to create some of the best competition rules for the game to date.  So whether you are a veteran or a new comer, this new core book will be everything you need to drive headline into the Age of Sigmar universe.

You can find out more information on the Warhammer Community website, and look for this jam packed core book on store shelves in June of this year.

Dungeon crawls are usually more serious affairs and can get rather involved with games like Gloomhaven, Descent, and Massive Darkness.  But what if you just want to have a silly time dungeoning in a short time span?  Then Fungeon Party is here to save the day.

Fungeon Party is a light dexterity, party game that plays in only 3 minutes, and can support up to 4 people.  In the game you will pull 6 quest cards from a quest deck, and it’s these quests that you have to accomplish in order to win the game.  Each player will pick a class like barbarian, cleric, ranger, or others, with each class having their own special abilities to accomplish quests, and stats that can increase over time.  But two questions remain, what do you do on these quests and how does it play in only 3 minutes?  Well to answer the time question is simple, you get 30 seconds to complete each quest for a total time of 3 minutes.  As for what quests you will be doing, you will be doing things like stacking dice on your forehead, knocking down a meeple surrounded by dice, balancing a meeple on a stick, bouncing dice into the box, and more.  Manage to complete all six quests and you win!

Fungeon Party is a random and frantic game that while may not exactly scratch that dungeon crawling itch, it would definitely be a fun opening game before the heavy stuff.  Look for it in stores in June, but you can go and pre-order the game today.  Check out Wizkids’ webpage for more information.

Steve Jackson Games continues to roll out with the Munchkin releases, but they will soon be releasing quite a different game as well.  First up are two releases coming in August for the Munchkin CCG, Fashion Furious booster packs and Phat Packs.  Fashion Furious is the latest set for the Munchkin CCG and will feature lots of new cards to use in your decks, most likely with a focus on accessories for your hero.  The Phat Pack is a collection of booster packs to help you expand your choices even faster.  In the pack you will get three boosters from the core set, one from Desolation of Blarg set, one from the Fashion Furious set, and two additional cards unique to the Phat Pack.  These unique cards are randomly picked out of a selection of 12 and are only available in the Phat Packs.  Look for these sets on store shelves in August to help feed your Munchkin CCG needs.

Next we have two expansions for the standard Munchkin game in the form of Fowl Play and Side Quests.  Fowl Play, illustrated by the talented John Kovalic, add a bunch of new cards to the Munchkin game, all themed around fowl like ducks, chickens, and turkeys.  Expect the bird puns to start flowing when this pack is released in August of this year.  Munchkin Side Quests on the other hand doesn’t add treasure or doors cards, but adds a whole new deck of cards called side quests.  These quests have you trying to achieve a specific goal, and when completed allows you a special bonus.  These goals also change things up because if you complete three quests, the next monster you defeat wins you the game, no matter what level you are.  How will adding alternate victory conditions mess with the game?  We won’t know until the expansion releases in the fall of this year.

Last on the list is a game that might be odd coming from the house of Munchkin, and that is a reprint of Triplanetary.  Triplanetary is a hex and counter style game where you are battling it out in space in ship to ship combat.  One thing that is unique about this game is that it takes into account that you are in space when you are moving, meaning that after you accelerate, you keep going that speed until you accelerate in a different direction.  This can make things interesting as if your engines get disabled, you will keep moving in the direction you last accelerated.  Rules remain largely unchanged and this edition brings the game back into print after being out of print for over 20 years.  Look for this new edition of the game in stores in August.

Nothing to Play is a UK based podcast launched in 2017 that has the hosts each week talking about all sorts of video games, from modern to retro, and anything else they have been playing.  So as not just a shameless advertising gimmick, they are Kickstarting a full card game based around consoles and games so you can have something to play.  The game is simple in that on your turn you have three options, play a card, draw a card, or discard some cards.  The goal is to have two consoles in front of you with two games for each of them, that’s it.  There are also action cards that let you attack the other players and limitations on how many different cards you can lay down, giving you a light and quick card game.

Art for this game is retro and very much done in jest, and with how light the game is it is pretty much a novelty piece to have a card game based on a favorite podcast.  Early bird pledges cost only $14 and the normal pledge coasts $19 for the full game.  You can check out the Kickstarter project here.

Unique themes can be hard to come by, but this one manages to not only be unique, but down right cute.  In Rescue Polar Bears: Data and Temperature you and your friends are doing exactly that, rescuing polar bears before global warming claims their homes forever.  Play is easy in that on each turn you will move around the board, loading up polar bears on your boats, gathering data, and transporting both to your base.  But what also happens each round is that the temperature will continue to climb, and as it reaches certain points, the ice floes the bears are standing on will melt.  If a bear falls into the water you can rescue them with an emergency helicopter, but you only have so many, and once you run out then he next polar bear that falls in the water will perish and you will lose the game.  Another thing that happens is that baby polar bears will be born, meaning you now have more polar bears to rescue than you did before.  To win you have to collect enough data in order to fill in the data track on the board, thus giving you enough data to be able to save all the polar bears at once.  So put on your thermals and grab you snow boots, it’s time to rescue some polar bears.

The art for the game is pretty good, but the cute meter goes off the charts when you look at the bear meeples that come in papa, mama, and baby sizes.  So if you are looking for your next cooperative style game, give this Kickstarter a look.  A pledge for the game costs only $50 plus shipping, and you can pledge for multiple copies at a discount as well, but pledge early as there is only a limited number of copies available.

Resotration Games is making a name for itself by taking old games from decades past and retooling them to modern standards.  They have had great success so far with the redone versions of Indulgence, Stop Thief!, and Downforce, all of which have gotten excellent reviews.  But now we get to the one that everyone has been talking about, that everyone has been requesting, and one that Tom has personally been asking for, and that is Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar.  Back in the day this game was more toy than game, in that it was just a roll and move game where every now and then you tossed marbles into the Vul-kar idol and they rolled along their designated paths knocking people over.  This may be entertaining for younger kids, but we want and need something more, and Restoration Games aims to deliver.

In the new version of the game you are tourists trying out the new attractions at a dangerous new park (sounds like a familiar dinosaur movie), and as we know, that kind of visit always goes swimmingly.  And by swimmingly, I mean nearly everyone is killed.  So your job is to snap some pictures to show you went, grab some treasure along the way, and get off the island before Vul-kar’s wrath dooms you all.  In this version of the game the dice are replaced by cards, and each card gives you a number of movement points and then a special action you can take.  Some of the special actions let you rotate trees for protection, rotate the Vul-kar idol where the marbles come out, launch some marbles, or even move other players into danger.  Once you snap at least three pictures you can call the hello-copter and get off the island.  But in the end, it’s the most points that wins so you better grab some valuable treasure along the way or you may end up surviving the trip, but losing the game.

The game itself looks epic and the toy factor is still off the charts, but at least the game will play much better and offer choices and strategy instead of just blind luck.  The base game itself comes in at only $60 plus shipping, which is actually a really good price considering.  Also available in this campaign are three expansions, each offering new gameplay elements for the game.  The Last Adventurer can be added for $25 and adds a whip wielding fifth player to the game, player powers, and gives snakes and a giant boulder to Vul-kar for his use.  Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass can be added for $40 and adds a whole new board to the game that allows you to explore a shipwreck, just don’t get shot by the cannon.  And finally Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bees can be added for $15 and adds to the danger of the island with a tiger and swarms of bees.  You can check out more on the Kickstarter page and back for your copy today!

Welcome to… is the latest roll and write, although it is more accurate to say flip a card and write, from Benoit Turpin and Blue Cocker Games.  In the game you are trying to build the best and most desirable suburban community back in the 1950’s, and what is considered desirable is determined by city planning cards.  On each turn of the game three cards will be flipped, from those three cards you will pick which one you will use, and write down the corresponding house number and take that card’s special action.  Some of the actions include adding fences, building pools, improving the points you get for your housing clusters, and even modifying the numbers on the cards.  On your sheet you have to write numbers in ascending order from left to right, so number placement becomes very important so you don’t block yourself.  However, there is a way to get around this, and that’s by copying a house number and marking it as a B, but doing so will get you negative points at the end.  The game ends when either all three city planning cards have been satisfied by a player, someone fills their entire neighborhood with house numbers, or someone was unable to write a house number for a third time.  At that time points are totaled and the most points is the winner.

This is an interesting take on the roll and write genre that I personally find interesting, but so far it has only seen a release overseas, until now.  Deepwater Games has announced they have partnered with Blue Cocker Games to create an English version of the game to distribute worldwide.  Pre-orders will be starting up on the 18th of April, and release of the game will come later this year in August.  You can find out more information on the Deepwater Games’ website, and then brush up on your 1950’s interior decorating ideas while you wait for the games to arrive on store shelves.  Unless you are attending Origins, they will have copies there to distribute to those who opt to pick up at the convention.

Something of a new theme that seems to be popping up in games is taking on the roles of people tangential to the adventuring hero in a fantasy world.  The most common being the shop keeper selling the fancy weapons and armors the hero needs in order to fight evil, but in Heroes Welcome, that theme takes a bit of a turn.  Heroes Welcome is a two to five player worker placement game that take about 90 minutes, and involves you taking on the role of goblin merchants.  And as goblin merchants, you want the most profits possible, so you will be buying up the loot obtained by the heroes, breaking it down into raw materials, and then forging better gear from those materials to sell.  But here is the twist, this new gear isn’t for the heroes, this gear is for the monsters in the dungeon to make them stronger, thus making the heroes work harder to be stronger and pushing them to obtain more valuable loot.

How the game is played is similar to most worker placement games in that on your turn you will pick a space to go and perform the action there.  You can go to the shops and work a shift there, attracting the heroes to sell their loot to you along with a bonus of some kind.  You also can go to various guild buildings and perform special actions there like building new buildings, upgrading your crafting skill, or obtaining scam cards to gain the upper hand.  Another option is the workshop, which this is where you will use the materials you have collected to forge new weapons and armors for the eager customers.  As the round goes on and people are placing out workers places will close, and at any point a player can call for the round to end, and as long as everyone agrees, the round will end and the heroes go back out adventuring again.  Once they return they will be stronger and have more loot for you to buy and convert.  All of this is done in order to obtain the most vorpal pieces, which are highly valued in goblin society.  Be the one with the most at the end of the game to be the winner.

Art for the game is excellent, and you can check out the Kickstarter page for more information on the game and to seem reviews and gameplay videos.  A single pledge will run you $45 plus shipping and also comes with the Kickbacks expansion for free.  This expansion expands the customers portion of the game, giving extra incentives to fulfilling certain orders in order to get more money or favors that can be used later in the game.  Check it out today.

Counterfeiting is certainly on the rise in the board game world. However, like all counterfeits, these games are of lower quality and tend to have errors that can often affect how the game plays.  This is insult added to injury as these counterfeits can affect how people see the real game as well as take money away from the original publisher of the game.  This issue has become more prevalent with some less scrupulous sellers and Amazon selling counterfeit games (although in Amazon’s case it’s a matter of product storage and not so much ethics).

This has lead to some companies, like CGE, detailing how to tell real from fake games. Additionally,  game stores are examining their purchasing methods to make sure they are getting authentic games.  So in this vein of thinking, CoolStuffInc has put out a press release assuring all customers that the games they purchase are through reputable and authorized channels. Thus, any game you purchase in person or online is the real deal.  You can read the full press release below for more information, and shop with peace of mind in their stores both physical and virtual.

CoolStuffInc.com Addresses Industry Concerns with Authentic Product Guarantee

MAITLAND, FL: Today, CoolStuffInc.com, a leading online retailer of hobby games and owner of hobby game stores throughout the state of Florida, addresses rising concerns within the hobby games industry in regards to counterfeit products.

“The concern regarding counterfeit products has been an ongoing conversation in the hobby gaming industry,” says Gerald Sunkin, CEO of CoolStuffInc.com. “We wanted to clearly outline and explain that this concern does not exist in our online store, nor in any of the seven Cool Stuff Games locations. We sell only genuine, authentic products obtained through authorized, official channels and we want our customers to shop with confidence.”

CoolStuffInc.com stands behind the authenticity of its products, sourced from reputable distributors or official outlets. The company offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all sold products as authentic, factory-sealed items from the original manufacturer.

For any questions:

  • Email Info@CoolStufIinc.com
  • Call Local at (407) 695-6554
  • Call Toll Free at (877) 274-6752

About CoolStuffInc.com: CoolStuffInc.com is a hobby retailer based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2002, CoolStuffInc.com now has seven Cool Stuff Games retail locations in Maitland, Waterford Lakes, South Orlando, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami.

First on the list of news in the board game app world is that Zombie Dice on iOS, after being dormant for nearly 7 years, has reanimated and been updated for modern devices.  Now if you are running the latest version of the iOS on your phone or tablet, you will be able to have some fun rolling virtual dice as a zombie now.  You can head over to the App Store now and download the new version for free.

Next a new expansion was announced to the popular Terra Mystica app, and this expansion brings in all the goodies from the Fire and Ice expansion of the board game into the app realm.  This means you will be able to play with all six of the factions in the expansion, from the powerful Yetis to the rule breaking Shapeshifters.  Also being included in this expansion will be a new level of AI, hard level, giving experienced players new challenges in the game.  Expected release for the expansion is the first quarter of 2018, so expect to see it available in the app soon.  You can download Terra Mystica and preview the new factions on the DigiDiced website.

Last, and by no means least, an old series of gamebooks is being converted into an app called Fighting Fantasy Legends.  The book series was called Fighting Fantasy, and was a creation of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone that was published in the 80s.  The books themselves were a mix of choose your own adventure and role playing where you would be choosing the path you would go, but would also be rolling dice for things like combat.  The books were very popular and although they have gone through several publishing companies, they are still available today.  Now, however, Nomad Games has decided to adapt some of these books, City of Thieves, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Citadel of Chaos, into an app.  In the game you will exploring the different areas and using cards and dice to perform actions and do battle while deciding who you will help.  As you level up you will improve your dice making you stronger, and with tons of choices to be made in a single game, each play to be different than the last.  So if you were a fan of the original books, check out the Youtube trailer and then head on over to the Days of Wonder blog for links to purchase the game in your preferred app store.