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I'm an engineer manager by day, board game entusiast by night. I will play most anything once but I love adventure style games and cooperative games, or just playing games with my wife. Games like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, TIME Stories, and 7th Continent really hit on all those marks for me and I love discovering new gems. I can be contacted on BoardGameGeek.com under the user ID "burke4865"

Think Fun had some pretty good success with their first two Escape the Room games, Stargazer’s Manor and Gravely’s Retreat, so a third one seemed only logical.  In their latest email newsletter they announced they will be developing this new Escape the Room game to not only be scarier, but also far more difficult that the previous two.  In fact they are making the claim it will be the most difficult room escape game on the market.  This is a rather high bar, and hopefully they still make the game fun because you can easily make an escape room that is very difficult but not fun.  However, given how fun and interesting, albeit easy, the other two games have been, I am hopefully for this one as well.

Development is still fairly early, and they don’t expect to have it released until the second half of 2019.  You can read the full newsletter below, and sign up on their website for email updates to track the development of the game.

You’re getting this email because you signed up to be the first to hear about new content or games in ThinkFun’s “Escape the Room” line. It’s been awhile since we had news, but now we are thrilled to announce that we will be coming out with a third ‘Escape the Room’ game!

So what can we tell you about it? The most important thing is that we heard your feedback on our first two Escape games (Stargazer’s Manor and Dr. Gravely) – what we heard was that you want the game experience to be more difficult, and for it to be scarier. Asked and answered! Escape the Room 3 will be the hardest ‘escape’ style board game on the market, and it’ll be a good deal spookier than either of the first two.

For emphasis we’ll repeat ourselves – this will be the hardest escape style board game on the market.

We can’t announce the theme or any other specifics quite yet, expect to say that we’re expecting a release date in the second half of 2019. Our plan is to send, to this group of email subscribers only, updates between then and now with exclusive first looks at artwork, announcements on theme, and any other cool info that surfaces. We’ve never done this with a game before – usually we keep things under wraps – but we want to involve you in the process, and so we’re going to!

How can you help? It’s pretty basic: just share our new sign-up page for this email list with any friends you think might be interested. The more interest we can build ahead of time the better the product will do, and the better the product does the greater the chance that we’ll come back with an Escape the Room 4, and 5, and so on. So again, please send this page to anyone you can think of and have them sign up

Two years ago a game based on the movie Evil Dead 2 was Kickstarted by Space Goat Productions, the game garnered quite a bit of support and earned over $700,000 from 6,000+ backers.  But unfortunately the story doesn’t have a happy ending as through poor planning and bad money management, Space Goat Productions have since stated they can’t deliver on the games.  So after discussing internally and then securing the rights to the game, Jasco Games and Lynnvander Studios are going to resurrect the Evil Dead 2 Official Board Game on Kickstarter.  Also, even though they have no relation to the original failed game, they have promised that for each game of the new campaign that gets purchased, they will send a copy of the game to a backer of the failed game.  This will be a first for a project that has failed on Kickstarter and should help soothe some anger.  There is a caveat though, the game is going to have similar components as the Space Goat version, but it will be a new design created by Lynnvander and Jasco.  Will this be a good thing?  Will it flood the market with a mediocre game?  We will have to wait and see when the Kickstarter comes.

You can read the full announcement on Jasco Games’ website.

Golden Bell Studios is partnering with Lunarbaboon, the well known comic artist whose comics are all about the ups and downs of parenting and being a parent, to create a new book and a new card game.  The book is the ABCs of Parenting, which has hilarious illustrations for each letter with both the parents and the kids acting out the word associated with that letter.  They are also offering a plush version of the anxiety troll, a character from the comic that is the embodiment of anxiety.  But what I am sure you, fair reader, are more interested in is the card game that is being Kickstarted at the same time.

The Parenting is Easy Game has you playing the role of kids trying to drive the parents crazy, but just not too crazy.  In the game you will be playing cards to move different characters up and down the insanity track, with their positions indicating how many extra or less chaos cubes you get to place on the board later.  Then you will roll a tantrum die that will randomize an additional bump either up or down for all characters and then you start placing cubes.  Each part of the house is worth different points and also has a different number of spots to place cubes.  If you color has the majority in an area at the end of the game you get those points, and you get bonus points if you hold all the spaces of an area.  Then it’s just a simple count to see who has the most points and is the winner.

A pledge for the game will run you $35 plus shipping, but there are also myriad other pledge levels to get the book, plush, and other goodies.  Plus the higher the funding goal goes, the more cards get added to the game with illustrations done by other well known web comic artists, so check out the Kickstarter page today.

For a while now Tabletopia has been the digital sandbox in which creators could digitize their boards games without changing much.  In fact there isn’t even an AI to enforce the rules, so how you play the game on your table, is how you would play the game in Tabletopia.  Up until now though the system has been only available on your PC or your iDevices, but now that has changed with the release of the Android version of Tabletopia.  Now you will be able to play digital adaptations of popular games like Champions of Midgard, Sub Terra, Tuscany, and more on your android devices.  You can check out the Google Play store for more information and to download the app.

Gate Keeper Games are no stranger to making dice as their previous dice campaign, halfsies dice, we a great hit and delivered on some neat coloring combos.  So this time around they are taking things a bit further by adding more layers in their latest Kickstarter for reality shards, neutron, and supernova dice sets.  The reality shards takes the halfsies concept and adds one more, color that is, with the ends being one color, the center being another, and another sandwiched between.  This creates a very cool layered look to them that is sure to impress.

Supernova dice take the halfsies dice you know from before, and “blows out the middle”, essentially adding a layer of perfectly clear material in the middle to create a see through effect.  This is more of a next step for halfsies as the same color combos you loved before will be used to new effect here.

And finally we have almost the exact inverse to the supernova, and that is the neutron dice sets.  There are perfectly clear dice with a single color layer right in the middle.  This creates a wonderful effect as you see the layer of color through the clear ends, giving it an outer space like feel.

All of these dice look great and are priced at $11 for each set of 7 with options to get additional d6’s, mini d6’s, and additional d10s.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more information, and back now before it ends on October 9th.

Valentine’s day is still a bit away, but it’s never too early to start thinking of ideas for gifts or experiences for that special someone on Valentine’s Day, so Renegade Games decided to help you out.  Come January in 2019 they are releasing a Valentine’s Day version of Kitty Paw with an included love note right on the box that you can fill out for that special person in your life.  The game on the inside is the same recognize and react came that you love, but with an even more lovable packaging.  You can check out the love note in action on the Renegade Game’s website, and look for it in time for Valentine’s Day next year.

Potion Explosion, a board game where you collect ingredients to make potions, is coming out with a second edition and new a new expansion.  The first edition of the game was great, and the second edition will be identical in all regards, except for one major part.  In the first edition of the game the dispenser that holds all the marbles was assembled by players out of cardboard, and just didn’t feel that sturdy when it was being used.  The second edition fixes that with an all new plastic dispenser that comes assembled so you can pop it out the box and off you go.  Game play doesn’t change and you are still collecting marbles to make potions and score the most points.

As for the expansion, this one is called Potion Explosion: The 6th Student, and adds not only the components needed to go up to 6 players, but also includes the plastic dispenser, and all new gameplay elements.  Some of the new gameplay options include mandragora leaves, an ingredient that you collect and explode like all the other ingredients, but when used in potions counts as a wild.  But be careful, even though it’s wild, it can’t be mixed with any other ingredients.  Also being added are potions that require multiple players in order to create, and a game mode utilizing two dispensers for when you are playing with 5 or 6 players.  So if you like Potion Explosion then check out this expansion for sure.

Both the second edition of the game and the 6th Student expansion will be available at Essen later this year, and then look for it on store shelves shortly after that.

Tybor the Builder, set in the Kingdom of Longsdale like in Oh My Goods, is a card game where you are using cards for multiple purposes.  In the game you will have a hand of 5 cards that you can play as a worker, discard as a builder, or play as a citizen.  If you play it as a worker then the value of the card is all that matters and will stay in front of you in your tableau until they are used.  If you discard the card as a builder you will build one of the buildings in the public display, discarding enough workers to equal the strength needed to build the building.  This is important because it is the buildings that will give you points in order to win the game.  Finally if you play the card as a citizen you will benefit from the special power that the card has.  After a set number of rounds and playing and drawing the game will end and whoever has the most points is the winner.  Also included in the game are chapter goals which represent different parts of Tybor’s life that can be included to give more variety to the game through additional scoring chances.

Tybor the Builder – On Behalf of the King adds in three new modules to the game, adding more variety and replayability.  In the King Class module you will find orders, similar to the chapter goals of the base game, that can be fulfilled in order to earn more points.  In The Councilmen module you have a new type of citizen that can settle in your town, and he will score you a point for each set of different colored perks that you have at the end of the game.  And finally there is The Mystery module, this adds in mystery stones that at the end of the game count as a wild symbol for scoring.  Add all three or just a couple into the game to help change things up and refresh the game.  Look for the game to be released in October of this year on Lookout Games’ website, but if you happen to be going to Essen you will be able to snag a copy there as well.  Check out the Lookout Games site (German language) for more information.

Quoridor is the classic abstract strategy game where you are trying to get your piece across the board to the other side.  Sounds simple, but on your turn you have two options, move your piece, or place a wall onto the board.  This ratchets up the strategy quickly because now you have to weigh the options between throwing an obstacle into the path of your opponent, and moving yourself closer to victory.  Whoever manages to make it to the other side is the winner.

Quoridor Junior does little to change the game, but does give it an aesthetic upgrade and attempts to give it a bit of theme.  In Quoridor Junior you are different animals aiming for a goal, like a rabbit trying to get to the carrot buffet, or a cat trying to get to some warm milk.  No matter who you play as, the goal and gameplay are the same but with a kinder, gentler coat of paint.  Look for it on store shelves in October of this year.

Fantasy Flight Games is trying their hand at a whole new type of game that they are dubbing, Unique Games, where the contents of each box of the game are different than every other box.  Think of it like a mash up of booster packs for a CCG and a boxed board game, but without the collectible aspect of it.  While the core of the game mechanics and the pieces being used will be the same, the cards, scenarios, and campaigns will vary from box to box, giving each purchaser a unique version of that game.  The first game in the series was Keyforge, a two player battle card game where each deck you purchased was completely unique from any other.  But now they are being a bit more ambitious with their next game, Discover: Lands Unknown.

In Discover: Lands Unknown you are a group of survivors who are stuck on a mountaintop trying to stay warm, or maybe you are marooned on an island with strange creatures roaming about.  Once you know what sticky situation you are in, you will need to get a head count and see who is there with you and how they can help you to survive.  Maybe you have Jasmine the mountain climber who can get around easier, or Biff the lumberjack who can gather wood better, or maybe Laila the wildlife photographer who can find new features.  Gameplay at the core will be the same though, gathering resources and exploring the terrain in an effort to survive and escape.  During the day you will be doing actions, using up stamina as you go along, but make sure you get back to camp before you run out, or you risk spending the night vulnerable out in the wilderness.  Manage to stay alive and complete all the objectives and you will be able to escape!

If I didn’t say this game greatly intrigued me I would be lying, but the unique game aspect has my a little concerned and I hope that one game isn’t drastically different than the others.  But only time will tell, you can check out more information about the game on Fantasy Flight’s website, and look for the game to be released in the final quarter of this year.