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Eddie Guida

I'm an engineer manager by day, board game entusiast by night. I will play most anything once but I love adventure style games and cooperative games, which might explain my unnatural love for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game series of games. I can be contacted on BoardGameGeek.com under the user ID "burke4865"

First up is a new release which teams up USAopoly and Steve Jackson Games, and that’s Munchkin X-Men.  This continues to add to the plethora of re-skins for the Munchkin game, but if you are into X-men and don’t mind Munchkin, this might be a good buy.  The will feature tons of iconic people and items from the X-men universe including Lady Deathstrike, Colossus, Wolverine, and Magneto’s Helmet.  So grab your gear and ready those mutant powers, Munchkin X-Men is out on store shelves now!

Next was a tease from IDW Games at this year’s GAMA Trade Show called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown.  The theme seems normal enough as the turtles are running through the city sewers being chased be Bebop and Rocksteady and so they have to figure out how to fight them.  The interesting part is that this is going to be done in the confines of a tile laying game.  I will be interested to see how they plan to pull this off, but we won’t know more until later this year as IDW Games releases more information about it.

Then we have a new card game coming out of Greenbrier Games called Overseers.  This is a drafting style game where you are collecting sets of cards in order to score the most point, pretty simple, but it does have some extra bits added on.  First is that each player has a special power they can use that allow them to break the rules, like keeping two cards instead of one during a draft.  Second is a voting system once everyone reveals their cards on who people think has the highest score.  Whoever gets the most votes then has a choice, admit they have the highest score or deny it.  If they admit it then they discard a card, if they deny they don’t have to discard anything.  However, during scoring if they denied and do have the highest score, they lose two of their highest scoring cards.  Most points at the end is the winner.  Look for this game on store shelves in April.

Last is a slew of upcoming release from Flying Frog productions for both Last Night on Earth and Shadows of Brimstone.  On the Shadows of Brimstone front they have tons coming with the Hellfire Succubi Mission Pack, the Feral Vampires Mission Pack, the Derelict Ship Expansion, and six new ally, enemy, and XXL enemy packs.  Most of these were KS extras so it will be good for them to hit general distribution later in the year.  Also they showed off posters for the upcoming 10th Anniversary Edition of the Last Night on Earth game, with no doubt all the bells and whistles you expect from such an edition.  Keep looking here as we find out more information as the year goes on for these releases, and check out Flying Frog’s Facebook page for pictures and information.

Wizkids seems to be all about the hype train as of late with the teasing of a new DnD Adventure game, and now it’s a new Dice Masters set.  This new set will be set in the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons.  It will have all new spells, adventurers, and monsters, plus a new draft pack format to allow for tournament play.  Each pack will come with enough cards and dice that when two packs are put together, you have everything you need for a game.  Look for this new set to appear on store shelves in September of this year.

Bushiroad, known for other TCGs like CardFight!! Vanguard, are getting ready to release a new TCG designed by Mike Elliot called Dragonborne – Rise to Supremacy.  What makes this game interesting beyond the setting and art is that dice are being introduced to enhance in-game effects.  You will be able to use the dice to defend your forts, strengthen your units, or enhance your spells, making them better.  You can check out more on Dragonborne’s Facebook page, and look forward to it’s release in August of this year.

Last, IDW Games is reprinting a highly rated abstract strategy game called Torres.  In Torres you are the sons of the king, vying for prestige in order to be crowned the next ruler of the land.  To do that you will need to rebuild the kingdom with the most impressive castle you can.  In the game you will use action points to build up your castle, but you have to not only build it tall, but also spread it out across the land.  Plus you will also be playing cards and placing knights to help earn you points, and whoever has the most at the end is the winner.  Look for this game on store shelves in August.

We all know some roll and write games, Dice Stars, Can’t Stop Express, OctoDice, and more, each with minimal theme and lots of dice throwing.  Well Nevermore Games thought that was a waste, and so they teamed up with Jason Tagmire of Button Shy Games to launch The Spiel Press.  What they hope to do with this new label is produce premium roll and write games that will have a lot more theme and more replay value with legacy type elements.  Each book, yes book, will have dozens of pages of full color game sheets to play on, and when you finish playing the game you can move to another page to play again.  But in a legacy type fashion, the games before will affect the games after, making changes to the play area and giving you a new experience.  In the first book, Blood Royals, this means the political map of the game will change as different factions fight.  In the second book, Star Maps, this means the map you play on will change and evolve as you explore the galaxy.

Both of these sounds like great ideas and hopefully the execution is as high quality as they are making it sound.  You can head over to The Spiel Press’s introduction page to read more about it, and then look forward to future Kickstarters for these books coming this summer.

Academy Games, known for their excellent and historically accurate games, is Kickstarting their latest offering, 878 Vikings – Invasions of England.  This is an area control game similar to their other war games where the invading armies of the Vikings are striking at the heart of England.  The game plays 2 to 4 players with one side being the English nobles defending their country, and the other side playing the Vikings trying to pillage the countryside.  You will play cards to move your troops, invade different areas or the board, build forts, or place out more troops.  After a while players will have the option to call for the Treaty of Wedmore, which will end the game, and whoever controls more land at that point will be the winner.

The Kickstarter has flown through the stretch goals unlocking more cards, miniatures for the armies instead of cubes, wooden card holders and more.  They are also offering multiple add-ons you can pledge for in the form of their other games, expansions for 878 Vikings, and limited edition figures.  Needless to say if you are interested in historical games, or games featuring vikings, check out their Kickstarter page today.

Scott Pilgrim is a popular graphic novel series that was released back in 2004 that still enjoys popularity today, mostly due to characters and situations readers can relate to.  So now in 2017, Renegade Games along with the publisher of the comic, Oni Press, are creating a deck building game based on the franchise.  The game is called Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game, and is a deck building game all about making different choices as you live your life.  You will be able to play different characters from the comic and each one will have a different starting deck, giving you some variability between players.  Then as you build your deck and fill out your plot line, you will decide how you want to handle situations, either like an adult, or with typical video game violence.  This effect is accomplished by all the cards being double sided, with each side corresponding to a way to handle that situation.  Will you be able to defeat all the evil ex’s and win over Ramona’s heart?

You can find out this summer when the game is released, and until then you can check out the preview on Renegade Games’ site.

Fantasy Flight Games continues their expansion of the X-Wing Miniatures game will more ships from the ever widening galaxy of Star Wars.  This time around you have the Auzituck Gunship for the rebels, the Scurrg H-6 Bomber for the rebels or scum, and the TIE Aggressor ship for the empire.  The Auzituck Gunship was a favorite of the wookies, and as such you will get some wookie cards to go with this ship, but that’s not the only thing to like about it.  This ship also features a hefty amount of hull, decent shields, and an ability to reinforce itself, making this ship a hard one to take down.

The Scurrg H-6 Bomber is an interesting addition to the line is that depending on which variation you use, it can play on the side of the rebels, or with the pirates of the universe.  Either way you play it, you will be bringing loads of ordinance with you and pummel your enemies with space mines and wave after wave of missiles.

Lastly we have the TIE Aggressor to add to the empire side, and this ship is another heavy hitter in a small package.  One of the things that make the TIE Aggressor unique is that it can equip a turret weapon like the synced turret or twin laser turret, making it easy to line up your shots.  Add in the addition of two missile upgrade slots and access to a new unguided rockets upgrade, and this TIE can be dangerous.

Look for all of these ships to hit stores in the second quarter of this year, and until then you can check out the preview on FFG’s site.

Smirk and Dagger are shifting into overdrive with game releases this year, and one of them is the new real-time game Paramedics Clear!  This is a game all about saving lives, a bit of a departure from the normal back-stabby type games that Smirk and Dagger are known for.  However, from the comments on the announcement, this doesn’t seem to be a cooperative game as there are opportunities to mess with your fellow players.  Needless to say it looks like an interesting game, and those attending GAMA this week will be able to preview it before it’s release later this year.

Hasbro has just announced their latest game called Dropmix, and takes digital device integration to World of Yo-ho levels.  The theme of the game is your are competing DJs trying to mix music into the best sounding remix.  In the game the various songs you can pull from will be represented by cards, and as you play them they will either be recognized or input into the app for mixing.  At that point I imagine the app will play your remixed song and give you a score for the remix.  And I think the winner being the one with the best remix is not much of a wild guess.

This game also comes with something interesting in the form of an electronic mixing board where you play cards, but beyond maybe recognizing the cards and lighting up, we are not sure yet of it’s main functions.  Needless to say it will be highly interesting to see what comes out when it releases this fall.

Scott Rogers, a regular contributor on the Dice Tower Network podcast, has been working on a retro styled board game for quite some time now, and it’s getting close to release.  This fall you will see his game Rayguns and Rocketships on store shelves, transporting you back to the art and style of the 1930’s Sci-Fi television series.  You will play as one of the four different factions in the game, the action packed Astro-Rangers, the scheming Star Pirates, the villainous Blaarg, or the honorable Zard.  After picking your faction you will then load up to battle across the stars in your rocket ships.  Each round has four phases with the first two being rocket ship movement and battle.  You will play cards to maneuver your ship to be able to blast your opponents with your rayguns.  Next is the crew movement and battle phases where your crew can jump out airlocks and rocket over to fight in space, or board the opposing rockets to do battle there.  As you play cards, fight, and take down each other’s crew you will be earning points, once a player is completely eliminated everyone will total up their points and whoever has the most is the winner!

The game looks like a fun battle royale and sports a spiffy 1930s comic book look to the game.  So look forward to it’s release in the fall of this year.

The recent delivery of the Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter means that the items in that campaign will be making their way to stores, and man is there a lot of them.  Hitting stores first by the end of the month is the Frost Dragon Expansion.  This figure pack allows you to add a giant frost dragon to the game along with an additional two stage scenario to fight it, even higher level items, and dragon AI cards and tiles.  The scenario is a little different in that the first stage is a typical Arcadia Quest game.  However, the second stage of the fight has you going from semi-cooperative, to fully cooperative to take down the hulking beast.

Next, coming out in late April, is the cute and furry expansion for Arcadia Quest and that is Arcadia Quest: Pets.  This adds in little pets to go with your heroes to help out in various ways.  The box comes with 12 different pets and all the pieces needed to add them into your game.  It also includes a scenario book where you fight against the evil Vexia as she tries to utilize the pets to cause all sorts of trouble in Arcadia.

Also coming in April is the Chaos Dragon Expansion for Arcadia Quest.  This one works much like the Frost Dragon box but includes a chaos dragon instead that will behave and attack in a very different way.  As with other dragon expansions it comes with everything you need for the dragon as well as the additional two stage scenario, higher level items, and the tiles and AI cards to fight the dragon.

Next in May we have the third in the series of dragons, the Fire Dragon Expansion.  It’s another big dragon, two stage scenario, all the figures and cards you need, same as above.

Lastly, being released in May are lots of new figure packs and some of the upgrades that came in the Inferno Kickstarter.  This include things like the Whole Lotta Lava box, which contains new cards, figures, and scenarios that you can use with Arcadia Quest Inferno.  The plastic token upgrade pack as well as dice packs in the new guild colors of Inferno will be available for purchase.  Then the figure packs Rosh & MambaViola & CrashAnvil & ValmaYona & Kuruk, and Pet Packs 1 and 2 will be available as well.  So as you can see, over the coming months you can significantly expand your Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest Inferno collection.