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From mimicking our wonderful Tom V to creating sounds for board game worlds. Barry has dabbled in everything board game related...apart from design. Enjoying the fun, light hearted ambiance that gaming brings and seeing friendships generate. Now enjoying life as full time reviewer, board game musician (the 7th Continent Soundscape), Kickstarter previewer and campaign manager.


After the previous kickstarter success of Rising 5, Museum and Outlaws, Holy Grail Games have a new project arriving on Kickstarter. A civilization game that will have a “domino” effect, not only as a physical mechanism but also how your race develops it’s knowledge and how you construct you empire.

“Dominations: Road to Civilization is a 2 – 4 player game by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus. In this domino-based Civilisation building game, players take on the role of a primitive tribe, which they will seek to grow into a Nation whose influence will echo through the ages…

Place your triangular Dominos carefully to expand your population and obtain the Knowledge that will determine how your society is shaped over time. You can use this Knowledge to build Cities and master Skills; thus creating the legacy for which your Civilisation will be remembered. Each time you master a Skill, it becomes one of the pillars of your society, opening doors to new possibilities and increasing your power. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!”

In detail, players have objective cards that relate to an early human race, like the Romans and Celtics, which need to be achieved by the third age. Each age is broken down into five rounds, in which you’ll be playing five of your seven, triangular shaped domino’s into the “Cradle Of Civilization.” Each domino will give you knowledge from the faces that are connected marking these on your knowledge track. Plus each domino creates a space for you to construct a city later in the game.  Knowledge comes in six forms, from science, trade, art, religion, government and craft. It is these assets that are use to build city’s and help construct wonders. And on top of that, you can spend them to build a tech tree that grants extra powers. But be careful not to spend all of your knowledge as it may give your opponents the upper hand in the next age, as the become experts in these fields where they have the most knowledge. Giving them an extra powers and points.

Three eras in, you will try to outbid the other player by boasting the number of objectives you have completed. Boast the most and gain extra points or loose them if you mistook your people as true followers of your cause. Add this to you current running  score with the bonuses for your city’s, tech tree, monuments and objectives to see who has domination of the other domains.

Running from the 28/6/2018 until 26/7/2018

For more detail, visit Holy Grail Games

or go direct to the kickstarter


“The Frostrivers tribe dwells along the Great Frozen River. Its members live in harmony with Nature. The tribe obeys the laws of the Four Elders, themselves guided by the most venerable of the Elders: the Neta-Tanka. When the Neta-Tanka enters the twilight of life, the Frostrivers gather at the Sacred Grounds to designate a successor. During this ceremony, each clan presents a young leader, who will need to demonstrate generosity and the ability to provide for the tribe in order to become the new Neta-Tanka.”

Nētā-Tanka is the latest Kickstarter offering from La Boite De Jeu, who’s previous Kickstarter were Outlive, Clash of Rage and 10′ to Kill. As well as some non-Kickstarter affers like Huns and Ilos. Nētā-Tanka is a worker placement game unlike games of this ilk, has the players helping each other…Kinda.

Playing as Nomads in your village, you are preforming actions to help out your tribe. Building tepee’s, constructing totem poles and being a good member of your community, collecting wood for everyone. Yes, this game has all the hall marks of a clascentsical work placement, but also some unique twists.

Twists like, not all the resources come from a pool. As mentioned, you can collect wood from the forest (the forest being the general reserve) but these recourse’s are not yours to take as they are collected and placed on the forest area of the boards. Taking this wood is done by choosing the acting of the same name. So if no one has collected any wood and you preform the “take wood” action, you may go to your tepee empty handed. It’s all a question of timing.

Another little twist is there is a little area control. Placing workers on spaces adjacent to each other, gives that player a little bonus in the form of a “Link.” These “Links” will give extra bonus in the form of an extra resource or an extra action,  depending on the area.

Building things and helping the other players is what this game is about. And what would a worker placement game without a little rivalry? Only one worker per space…unless you unlock a special power!

Look out for Nētā-Tanka as it drops on the 5th of June


8 is the number…

Building up a civilization in under 8 minutes is what 8 players can do at the same time (8 minutes per player). As there are 8 Immortal Gods that are battling it out for the right to be the victor.

Immortal 8 and Sorry We Are French from Moonster Games (who gave us Crossing & Imagine),  will be on Kickstarter on the 8th of March 2018, is a quick and artful drafting game where each player is a Immortal God. Each of the Immortals from this medieval fantasy realm has their own way of scoring points in the game. Maybe you’ll be the Immortal who scores point from culture collect from buildings you have built have been used by the other players. Maybe you’ll craft a victory through spreading chaos, or having the most military might, or being able to guess which Immortal the other players are…

Yes, this is a secret role drafting game, when no one knows the objectives of the other players and still have to obtain their objectives by drafting cards that help you, but not the others.

The game is broken into two rounds of a first draft of 5 cards and a second of 4. In between rounds, you’ll be using the powers of the building and Heroes you have constructed and possibly your neighbors buildings, at a cost. The further away a building is, the more expensive it is to use meaning you’ll miss out on it’s power and that player will miss out on gaining some culture. Then again, someone may have constructed a Wonder, that I placed in the middle of the table for everyone to use. Free.


Here is some of the wonderful artwork from David Sitbon

Not only that, you may build your own Hero to to help in your endeavors. And because you are an Immortal God, you won’t have to go savaging for resources. You’ll be building all these things out of thin air.  Like magic. But there will be restrictions as you can’t just build everything that passes in front of you. Again, you may not see the card you want throughout the game, which could be upsetting. So you’ll have to come up with another strategy of building things that other players will want to use. This will pay out in the supremacy round after, as all Immortals collect point for the most Culture, Military and Science.

This is a game that has a slightly more challenging learning curve than most drafting games out there, but with the rapidity of the game, after a few plays you should grasp the in dept strategies hidden in the game. And maybe discover the identity’s of the other Immortal 8.


Immortal 8 coming to Kickstarter on the 8th of March 2018. Finishing 29nd of March 2018

The Kickstarter is live here

You can follow the “8” incoming blogs on the Immortal 8 mini-website:

Sorry We Are French Facebook page:

Moonster Games Facebook page:

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Batman GCC

Time is ticking, like a timebomb set up by an arch nemesis to destroy your city. But that ain’t going to happen today… Because you’re Batman… And you will stop it. Or maybe you Robin! Or Nightwing!

The time of heroes will be arriving on February the 27th for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – a miniature board game from designer Frédéric Henry. In this game, one player will mastermind a crime, with an army of goons and grunts abd lead by a well known Arkham inmate while other players will be donning their cowls as the Dark Knight and his companions (and maybe some unexpected characters from the DC comic book universe).

This scenario based game will be coming right from the pages of some of the most well known Batman comic story lines. You will be tracking down the mastermind of many strange crimes with your detective skills as in “Hush.”  You will be fighting against an enemy that has been sent out to destroy you and your family, as in “The Court Of Owls.” You may also encounter a criminal who, through no fault of his own, falls (or possibly doesn’t if you save him) into a vat of acid, as in “The Killing Joke.” And if you don’t want a scenario based game, there is a head to head mode in which both players draft an army and fight it out on the streets and dark places in Gotham.

An impressive line of characters have been revealed on  including Robin, Commissioner Gorden, Catwoman, and the Riddler. And because this is a miniature game on Kickstarter, there will be a ton of unlock-able goodness. With over 100 different sculpts confirmed by DC, this game will pack a punch in plastic but won’t rob you blind. Estimated at around $120 for a base pledge and around $300 if you want everything, this game will have plenty to offer you and keep you coming back for more.

You can follow along all the latest news, images and videos on Monolith’s Facebook page


Monolith are not slowing down. In fact they are going full steam ahead and have big plans for the future. Hot of the heals of their Kickstarters, Conan and the, “very close to being on your door”, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, they have announced some changes they are making and some new titles they will be publishing. More about the titles later.

Recently mentioned on their Facebook  page (in French), they are expanding their team by two. They are looking for multi skilled people for their development team, who can analyse games, test and create scenarios, search and select new games and have mastery of Microsoft Office as well as other skills. And all in both French and English…Oh, it also helps that you live near their offices in Quimper, France too. Does this sound like a job for you?

Back to the new game announcements. Recently I reported on the next big Kickstarter project, that is Batman the Boardgame. And that has been shaping up nicely and you can see it yourself at GenCon this year, in Hall G 3063


But another supprise announcement was that they will be bringing Claustrophobia to Kickstarters as well. This is an already published game by Asmodee and designed by Croc, way back in 2009. And it looks like there will be some much loved passion being breathed into this remake. Many complained about the mini and lack of variety in enemy’s. This will all be changed with the power of Kickstarter. Croc, who is a long time, good friend of Frédéric Henry (designers of both Conan and Batman) will probably be involved in the redesign, bumping up the game from just two expansions and the base game, to many expansions and KS goodies.

We will unfortunately have to wait a while to find out more…


Lipstick, powder and paint are the orders for this new Kickstarter coming from Jumping Turtle Games. A game that gives you the chance to strut your stuff and make a big impression on the fashion world…Yes, you heard me!

“Cover Me” is a this light, family style, card game  that see’s players as fashion magazine editors, choosing their cover girls. These magazine covers that are produced are then used to effect “what’s in” and “what’s in the bin” in the fashion world. The public will be influenced that this hair color and style is the trend that they should have. And each season will dictate whether it’s the color of dresses that count or the pattern. Will the models on your magazine win over the public?

Player will have a hand full of cards, each with it’s unique model, who will be sporting her own hair style and color. Plus a dress of a certain color and pattern. If you were to play a red dresses, short haired brunette, all of those statistics would raise by one. If other players play similar models, these stats become popular and the public will deem these as the trends that they want. After a season of 3 months, all players will look at their cover girls to see if any of them have the 3 popular statistics. Any that do, will score at the end of the game. Any that don’t, will be used to to influence the next season. As the game goes on, more colored dresses are introduced, each with a higher point value.

If your look for an original game that meshes theme and mechanics really well (and your not afraid to get your frock dirty) then you should check out “Cover Me.” On Kickstarter until the 25th of August 2017.

Monolith Editions are getting suited up for crime fighting in the city of Gotham. As they have announced that they will be bring Batman to your tabletops… And he won’t be alone.
Players will be dropped into the crime ridden street, warehouses and sewers of Gotham, to take on another player, as they control a DC villain and his mooks, as the act out their dastardly plans. Not only is it a One Vs Many game, but it is also will come with a Player Vs Player mode. As you will get to draft a group of villains or heroes and go head to head.
The game system (THS) that was featured in Monoliths previous title Conan, will be the base engine for this game. Frédéric Henry, the designer of both titles, has made some changes to the game, to make it fit into the DC Universe. As this will not be a hack a slash title, but a strategic battle of wits, brains and brawn. With new skill, like intelligence and new special powers that match each of the iconic heroes and villains. Frédéric is currently touring France, demoing the prototype. And there is a possibility that there will be a tour in the UK, later this year.

The game has been inspired by the comic book, in particular those draw by Jim Lee, David Finch and Greg Capullo. So don’t expect any nipple George Clooney’s. 

Monolith, who brought us the highly successful Conan and Mythic Battles:Pantheon to Kickstarter, are working toward this next big hit…”POW!” Which should be coming at the end of this year or the beginning of the next.
To keep an eye on “The Bat” you can follow along Monolith on Facebook here or you can go to (now available in English) The Overload (a fan site, which has members of the Monolith team post articles and answer your questions) here.