Kevin Craig

A perfect day to me is a day spent gaming with my wife and three children. When not making potions or trading spices, I'm a book cover designer for a large academic publisher and a freelance graphic designer. I live in Winter Haven, Florida, right in the heart of theme parks, oranges, and I-4 traffic.

Aimed directly, and only, at experienced board gamers, Mechanisms: A Posh Party Game is a party game where the more knowledgeable you are about the board gaming hobby, the better you’ll be at the game. Designed by Daniel Zayas and Derek Funkhouser, Mechanisms “uses an assortment of component props to get you and your friends to guess game mechanisms.”

The designers are emphasizing that Mechanisms is for gamers in the know and not for newbies to the hobby. Quoting directly from the Kickstarter introduction video:

Mechanisms isn’t a party game for those who know games it’s for the rare breed who understands them. See, when a gamer becomes…”a gamer”…their game becomes Mechanisms.

For a more detailed look and explanation of the rules, be sure to check out the currently running Kickstarter.



Ugears Games is kickstarting a collection of beautifully crafted and intrically detailed mechanical devices for a variety of your board gaming wants and desires.

The Ugears Games collection, designed especially for those who like the challenge and excitement of a game and appreciate the beauty of clever mechanisms: includes the Card Holder, the modular Dice Tower, the Deck Box, and the Game Master’s Screen.

Each device is an engineering delight of unfolding walls and hinges and the laser cut, wood designs are a true sight to behold.

The Ugears Games Devices project is designed to help people to improve their gaming experience by eliminating all those additional operations, saving time and space to focus on your favorite game in the nice company of friends.

Check out the Kickstarter page to see videos of the devices in action and to learn more about the Ugears collection.

Based on the popular Newgrounds video games series, The Visitor: The Board Game, brings the same hilarious and disgusting humor and antics found in the online video game straight to your gaming table.

The plot of the game revolves around hungry, invading aliens that feed by entering through their prey’s…well…perhaps you should go check that out for yourself in the Kickstarter video. For the squeamish amongst you, consider yourself warned. As far as gameplay:

The Visitor: The Board Game is a competitive dice-allocation game for 2 to 4 players that puts you in control of an alien slug who eats other creatures in order to evolve.

Each round you will draft different coloured dice from a shared “DNA pool” based on your strategy. The red dice are aggressive; they help you get to your food and eat it faster. The blue dice are speedy; they allow you to rush around the board with ease. The green dice are smart; they solve puzzles with superior efficiency. There’s also the black dice, which are gross.

If you were a fan of the Newgrounds series or like a little disgusting humor in your board games, head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more about The Visitor.

Here’s your chance to own and play what Tom Vasel has been calling one of his favorite games of all time. Project: ELITE is getting the deluxe CMON treatment with a completely revamped production.

Now live on Kickstarter,

Project: ELITE is a fast-paced cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players who take on the role of members of an ELITE squad recruited to stop an invading alien force. Featuring the frantic real-time action of the critically-acclaimed original this edition re-imagines Project: ELITE with vivid new art and amazing miniatures. In each Mission, you will have rounds of 2 minutes before the window of operations closes and time runs out!

Want to see it in action before committing? Tom, Zee, and Sam have already posted a few live play-throughs of the new CMON version of the game. After you check those videos out, head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more about CMON’s latest big box Kickstarter and see if you and your ELITE squad has what it takes to stop the alien invasion.

Epic, 4X space games like Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition are loved for their grandness and scale. However, even players who love 4X games (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) struggle to get them to the table because of their time commitment and complexity.

The Final Flicktier by Gabe Barrett is hoping to scratch that 4X itch in just an hour of gameplay while upping the fun factor by bringing in dexterity as you flick your spaceships (dice) throughout the galaxy.

The Final Flicktier is a 4X style space game with dice flicking at its core. Players will take on the role of unique factions all vying for control of the galaxy. They’ll flick their spaceships (dice) around the board in order to explore new planets, build structures, harvest resources, and attack other factions. The player with the most victory points at the end wins.

The game is easy to learn and emphasizes finesse flicking over brute strength. Two beautifully illustrated neoprene mats are your playing and flicking surfaces. The base game comes with four space faring factions. Each faction gets its own set of ships which are represented by different sided dice ranging from traditional D6 up to a D12.

Check out the live Kickstarter campaign and see if The Final Flicktier is a journey you are ready to embark upon.

Become the best merchant of the century and conquer the route to America in this amazing auction euro style card game.

Sevilla 1503 by Delirium Games is currently live on Kickstarter. With eye-catching art set in the Middle Ages, this euro-style game features auctions and hidden bids as you

enter the port of Seville, the most important European city of the XVI century, and recruit the best crew with the support of the nobility. Dominate the famous trade route to the Indies between America and the Old World.

Head to the Kickstarter page to learn more about Sevilla 1503.

Queen Games has three new games coming to market this November.

First up, set in the Luxor universe is a new Rüdiger Dorn game titled Expedition Luxor. In this area control and tile placement game,

Two to four players deploy their adventurers to claim the locations they discover. However, they must be careful, because the adventurer that is placed last will be the one that claims the discovery and earns vital points at the game‘s climax.

Next up, by designer Christophe Behre is the bidding game, Bastille.

The player who uses his influence most clever in the bastille, the catacombs and fulfilling his mission cards will win the game based around the French revolution.

While the first two game releases have strong historical settings, the tile laying game, Skylands, is pure fantasy where the world has already been destroyed and it’s up to the remaining inhabitants to unite the remaining flying islands.

The players control the fate of the inhabitants and create their own island world. The player who utilizes the four actions of the game to their best advantage and closely watches their fellow players will win the game.

Look for these exciting new games in November along with Kingdom Builder: Family Box and the Arthur expansion to Merlin.

CMON continues to ramp up support for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Coming soon will be three new hero boxes with some of the most recognizable characters from the fantasy book series.

Stark Heroes 1 includes Rodrik Cassel, Howland Reed, Brynden Tully, Eddard Stark, and Bran Stark along with his pet direwolf, Summer, and loyal companion, Hodor.

Lannister Heroes 1 brings the Hound, Tyrion, Lord Tywin, Maester Pycelle, and the High Sparrow to the combat and political arena.

Only loyal only to themselves, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Snow, Theon Greyjoy (looking more Reek than ironborn), Petyr Baelish, and Lord Varys come included in the Neutral Heroes 1 box.

All boxes come with five highly detailed miniatures while the Stark box comes with the additional miniature of Summer, the direwolf.

Look for more information on these boxes along with all announced starter sets and unit boxes over on CMON’s product page for A Song of Ice And Fire.


The Captain is Dead: Lockdown is the latest episode in the Captain is Dead co-op adventure game that finds you and up to 6 other crew mates battling aliens and scrambling to keep your star ship functioning.

Even without the help of the late Captain, the crew was able to escape the alien attack in our last episode! However, the hasty repairs to the jump core did not hold, and now the crew finds themselves locked in an alien prison! Now the crew must use all their skills to hack into the alien prison’s systems, while staying hidden and avoiding alien patrols…

Also coming from AEG is a new Smash Up set titled, Oops You Did It Again.

Smash Up has turned the asylum over to the inmates yet again! After the success of It’s Your Fault, we decided to let the fans choose the factions that would make up the latest set of Smash Up, and they went for some powerful choices! A huge field was whittled down to the top four, and here they are: Cowboys call out opposing minions for shootouts, Samurai face their noble end in battle to bring glory to their player, Ancient Egyptians bury secrets deep in the sands, while the Vikings… well they just take other people’s stuff!

It looks like the fans nailed it this time with some of the best genres from pop culture represented in one expansion box.

Keep an eye out for The Captain is Dead: Lockdown in August and Smash Up: Oops You Did It Again in early September.



Everyone, whether they be adult, kid, or board gamer, could really stand to move a bit more in their lives. Snag the Flag, which is live on Kickstarter, hopes to be the game that gets you and your family up and moving while learning some fun facts about fitness and making you laugh with joy.

Snag the Flag is a physically and mentally challenging quick-reflex game. It’s designed to get everyone involved by moving, playing, reading and learning even on another player’s turn. The game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages of players. You choose your skill level and intensity. While becoming healthier is an added bonus that the game hides behind silly challenges, intense stand-offs and friendly competition. So jump up, grab some flags, laughs and break into a sweat on your next game night!

The game comes with 150 challenge and trivia cards, oversized dice, and six sets of flags. It can be played inside or outside and has different levels of intensity depending on age and fitness level. With elements of flag football, physical challenge games, a la Quelf, and an improv acting class, Snag the Flag seems well equipped to keep you moving and entertained.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to see if you are ready to get moving with Snag the Flag.