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Newspaper worker by day, gamer by night. Mom of a blended family and wife of a fellow board game addict. Love Euros and worker placements.

A digital version of Raiders of the North Sea, the popular worker placement game, is coming soon to iOS and Android phones.

Renegade Game Studios, Dire Wolf Digital and Garphill Games have all teamed up for the release, which is expected in the first quarter of 2019.

The game is set in the Viking Age, with players acting as Viking warriors trying to raid unsuspecting settlements. The players will assemble a crew, collect provisions and plunder to collect the most victory points. The game ends when 1 fortress remains, all Valkyrie are removed or all Offerings are made.

The digital game is for 1-4 players with solo play, pass-and-play and online multiplayer options.

Renegade and Dire Wolfe have also recently released Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure and the digital versions of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and Lotus as well as the Renegade Games Companion.

More information on the game can be found here.


On its Facebook page, Space Cowboys has announced a slight error on one of the cards in the new T.I.M.E. Stories Madame edition.

The correction (with no spoilers) says one of the cards give the player permission access to Card F, a card that does not exist. The text should read, “The E Card is Now Accessible.” They apologize for the error.


2019 is an important year for two popular games, Battletech and Shadowrun.

BattleTech will celebrate its 35th anniversary, while Shadowrun marks its 30th.

Catalyst Game Labs will spend the whole of 2019 celebrating, and will kick off Jan. 23 with special sales and asks fans to download logos for social media to help spread the word of the anniversaries.

BattleTech will have a Beginner Box, A Game of Armored Combat boxed set, Sourcebook, and t-shirts, hoodies and pins with the logo available for purchase. There will also be a PDF version of The BattleMech Manual available and re-released anniversary editions of the Warrior Trilogy Novels.

Shadowrun will have t-shirts, hoodies and pins available, as well as PDF versions of its Sourcebook No Future and the Anarchy supplement Chicago Chaos.

More information on these promotions and upcoming ones can be found at the Catalyst Game Labs website here.

Ares’ games Sword and Sorcery is looking for an addition to the Immortal Souls cycle in March with two hero packs, Volkor and Skeld, and a campaign expansion, Vastaryous’ Lair.

In the climax of the Immortal Souls campaign, Vastaryous’ Lair, the heroes are looking to reach the highest soul rank, achieve new legendary powers and fight the five-headed dragon himself!

The hero packs add Volkor, a Drakonian guard who can be played as a Dragonflame or Dragonheart, and Skeld, a dwarf who can be played as a berserker or slayer to the game.

More information about the expansion can be found here.

Now on Kickstarter is a 2-player tactical battle card game, Anthelion: Conclave of Power. This wallet game has a playtime of 20 minutes and is for ages 10 and up. Designed by Daniel Solis, the game builds on the foundation of another wallet game, the two-player influence manipulation game Avignon: A Clash of Popes.

In the game, players choose a side, Liberation or Dynasty, and will use abilities on location and character cards to pull the characters to their side of the table and push the unwanted ones to their opponent.  Once a card is past the threshold of the players’ home base, the card is gained. Whoever reaches 10 points of influence first is the winner.

The Kickstarter rewards start with Print and Play, and go to a copy of the game, a copy of the game plus the Android expansion pack, future expansion packs and a playmat.

More information on the Kickstarter can be found here.

Coming this February from Shinobi 7, is Sonic the Hedgehog Battle Racers!

Available as a single player game as well as 2 and up, players will choose a racer, route and then race to the finish line, trying to avoid each other and varying obstacle. Players use speed, abilities and special powers to collect rings along the way. The track changes with every race, making the experience different each time.

The base board game comes with 64 agility cards, 50 ring tokens, 40 Badnik tokens, 15 rock tokens, 10 track sections, 4 miniatures, 4 racer profiles and 4 speed tokens. It is for ages 9 and up with a playing time of 30-60 minutes.

A boss expansion, Dr. Eggman, will be available, which adds his miniature and boss cards, as well as new track sections. In March, the boss expansion, Shadow, will also be available, adding his miniature, boss cards and new track sections, as well as breakaway platforms.

CMON Inc.’s products and games will now be available from 5 distributors: ACD, Alliance, PHD, GTS and Southern Hobby.

In a press release, Adam Lovell, CMON Inc. sales director, said “We at CMON look forward to working with all of our distribution partners to offer a reliable and responsive supply chain to retailers across the Unites States in 2019 and beyond.”

Visit their website here.


Surfin’ Meeple welcomes 2019 with two new games!

First is The Meeple Circus: The Wild Animal and Aerial Show. This expansion includes lions, wild bears, an acrobat and a tightrope walker.

Players start with three acrobats: a blue, a yellow and a red. As the public wants to see more death-defying stunts, more challenges will appear in the game. The expansion also has advanced rules for a more difficult game.

Also out in January is Room-25 VIP. This expansion brings in a new player – the VIP – who is part of the team of prisoners and is revealed after the role distribution. The VIP does not program his actions and is a more subtle player. The game comes with 5 new exclusive rooms to explore

There are several new space ship expansions available for the Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles Game from Ares Games.

In the game, players control Colonial and Cylon spaceships and use maneuver cards for each spaceship, as well as two devices—the control panel, which is included in the Starter Set, and the rotating miniature base in each Spaceship Pack. Each ship is a ready-to-play.

New ships coming out in January include Viper MK, Starbuck’s Viper, Cylon Raider, Starbuck’s Cylon Raider and Scar’s Cylon Raider.

A set of additional control panels is also coming out in January.

You can find out more about the ships here

Capstone Games is ready to ring in the new year with two new games coming in January.

Magnastorm is a 2-4 player tactical board game that uses a sci-fi theme and resource management to help players on their way to victory by creating suitable mining areas on the planet. Players perform actions, buy influence, manage their resources and keep an eye on their opponents to time their moves perfectly to achieve victory. At the end of the game, players receive a card that can be beneficial in future games, changing up the replayability. It is for ages 12 and up and has a 70-100 minute play time.

Fuji is a cooperative dice game in which players roll simultaneously and secretly behind screens, much like in Roll for the Galaxy. Players must use their dice and terrain cards to move to a safe village and escape the lava of Fuji. But you can only move if you match the requirement on the terrain card better than your opponent. It is a 30-60 minute play time for ages 10 and up.

You can find out more about both games here.