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Politics, espionage, bribery and magic. Sound fun?

From Level 99 Games, Argent the Consortium releases its second edition along with two new expansions later this month.

In Argent, players are candidates to be the most influential mage at a university and are trying to get the board’s votes through magic and some back-biting political means.

In the second edition, the rule book has been updated for clarity and layouts have been given extra visual cues and reminders. Miniatures have been changed to use a base-and-ring system for player control.

There are also two new expansions for the game: Argent: Mancers of the University and Argent: Festival of Masks. Mancers adds a new magical department to the unversity and six modules that can be used in the game, as well as extra miniatures . Festival gives a new way to play the game and a new resource for players to race for, the masks, which impact game play.

More about the 2nd edition can be found here .

More about Mancers can be found here.

More about Festival of Masks can be found here.

Even Imperial Stormtroopers need a bit of R&R now then, even if it is in a dark and seedy part of town. And maybe that’s all for the better for some new battles. Fantasy Flight Games is taking Imperial Assault to the Uscru Entertainment District with a new Skirmish Map.

The slip-resistant map takes the game’s skirmishes to the underworld of Coruscant where all kinds of badness will happen. There’s plenty of obstacles and tight corridors for battles to happen in the infamous Uscru Entertainment District, where fugitives can disappear – maybe for good and the clubs and bars offer an escape that could be deadly.

More information is available at Fantasy Flight’s website.

Out this month is the card game version of the game Amun-Re from Super Meeple.

This Egyptian themed three-round card game has three auctions each round, other actions and then scoring. Players take turns bidding on Provinces by placing money cards next to province cards. Outbid players take back their cards and after three rounds of auctions, players make an offering of gold. The Nile will flood according to the sum of the offering, which will in turn determine how much money players will get from the fields on their provinces.

Players can spend money to build pyramids on their provinces, and score points for pyramids, amount of fields and for having ankhs (which can also be on the province cards.)

Second and third rounds play similarly, except the new provinces bury the old ones, except for the pyramids. Scoring happens at the end of each round and the player with the most points win.

Watch the Dice Tower’s review of the game here.

Now you can be a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in his fight against the forces of darkness with the new co-op game from Mythic Games now on Kickstarter.

In this 1-4 player game combining storytelling through cards, resource management and tactical miniatures, this Kickstarter exclusive follows Solomon Kane as he must fight the Shadows of Darkness, with some aid by the Virtues.

The core box set comes with 3 complete adventures for players: Rattle of Bones, Skulls in the Stars and Blue Flame of Vengeance, all based on the works of Robert E. Howard. The stories have in total 60 chapters to play out.

The miniatures, assembled but unpainted, include Solomon Kane, Courage, Justice, Temperance and Prudence, 4 Shadows and about 12 NPCs from each story.

Game components include track, 4 dashboards, virtue tokens, virtue cards, turn order tokens, fate dice, luck cubes, mercy cubes, a save box and board tiles, a chapter cards deck, event cards, darkness cards, discovery cards, exploration tokens, wound tokens, darkness and light tokens and spawn tokens.

A recently unlocked stretch goal is the Solo Mode gameplay, including another virtue figure, special dashboard and more virtue cards. There is also another adventure, The Witchfinder General, complete with figures and cards, and nightmare cards.

Backers also have the option of adding another adventure and figures.

For more information about the Kickstarter, visit here

If you’ve ever wanted to pitch your bad movie idea, now is your chance! Now on Kickstarter, Pitchstorm by Skybound, the publisher behind Superfight and Red Flags, takes their party game mechanic to the movies.

Each player is a writer trying to pitch their idea to a movie executive, via character cards and plot cards they draw. Each writer will choose either type of card from their hand to start their pitch, and must draw one of the others at random and come up with their idea on the fly and have 45 seconds to pitch their movie to the acting executive. At any point during the pitch, the acting executive can stop the timer and interject with their own card, executive notes, that the writer must work into the pitch no matter what. After every writer has pitched their movie, the executive chooses their favorite and play continues, with a new executive.

The game can also be played with 6-12 players, acting in teams of two as the writers and executives, but the pairs cannot know anything about the other’s card until the moment the pitch begins.

There are also several expansions that can be added on, depending on Kickstarter level, such as Creature Feature, Date Night, Awards Season and NC-17. A So Bad It’s Good expansion deck has also been unlocked.

Find out more about the Kickstarter here.

Your Rebel squads just got cooler with the new T-65 X-Wing expansion pack for X-Wing Second Edition.

Fantasy Flight Games’ website says, “No starfighter is as ubiquitous in Rebel squadrons as the T-65 X-wing. With its astromech droid finely balancing its firepower, shielding, and maneuverability, the T-65 is capable of taking part in almost any Rebel operation. As a result, the ship is a fixture in the space battles of the Galactic Civil War, becoming an indelible symbol of the Rebellion itself.”

The expansion will come with an assembled and painted miniature with movable S-foils so it can be in closed or attack position. The expansion comes with tokens, cards and a maneuver dial needed to incorporate another T-65 X-wing into your squadron.

Current players can bring first edition T-65 X-wings and other ships into the second edition with the new tokens, cards and maneuver dials in the launch’s conversion kits. New players can grow their collection with six ship expansions launching.

For more about the second edition and changes to the ship, visit Fantasy Flight Games’ website here


Games and books can take up a lot of space on your shelves. A new book out on Kickstarter is several games in one!

GAMEBOOK is an interactive book of ancient strategy board games. The games are collected in one book that comes with 72 figures, 6 two-sided sticks and dice, as well as booklet on rules and the history of the games.

Games included are Surakarta, Tablut, Pachisi, Alquerque, Mu Torere, Senet, with two additions to be unlocked, and four copies of GAMEBOOK can be combined together to make one big board game specially designed for this edition.

The games range from 2-6 players, and for many different ages, and originate from Indonesia, Scandinavia, India, Spain, Polynesia and Egypt.

Find out more about the Kickstarter here.

Get ready to fight those rebels with Star Wars Legion’s latest team unit expansion, E-Web Heavy Blaster Team.

Fantasy Flight Games’ website says this new addition will be a bridge between lightly armored troop units and the heavy AT-ST, to keep your Empire balanced.

The unpainted and easily assembled miniature can be used as a support unit in the game and also comes with three upgrade cards for customization of your team.

The website says, “Among Imperial units, an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team is only surpassed by the AT-ST in terms of raw firepower. The heavy blaster rolls a red, two black, and two white attack dice, all for significantly fewer points than the walker. Better still, an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team won’t lose any attack dice as it takes wounds, unlike the more frail corps units.”

And on the side of the Rebellion is the 1.4FD Laser Cannon Team Unit expansion. So both sides will be seeing new pieces soon!

Find out more at Fantasy Flight Games’ website here.

One of the most pressing issues for gamers when attending a board game night can be how to transport all of those board games safely without pieces flying everywhere in the box.

Now available on Kickstarter is the Ultimate Boardgame Backpack from GeekOn!

On the Kickstarter page, the company says it focused on three key things: “protection, organization and comfort.”

For protection, the company offers waterproof zippers, an EVA padded frame, reinforced seams, weatherproof ripstop nylon, and also includes a padded laptop section as well as a sunglasses storage.

For organization, the backpack has top section pockets, outside zippered pockets, essentials pockets, a notepad section and a pen slot, a pocket especially for keys/cards, a tech storage compartment as well as two koozie holders for gamer drinks. The website says the main compartment is also expandable.

For comfort features, the company has given the backpack a moisture wicking back panel and straps, so sweat won’t be a problem lugging those heavy games around, a padded grab handle, adjustable straps, custom rubber zipper pulls, and a sternum strap.

The Kickstarter page even has a link for gamers to figure out if their favorite large game will fit!

For more information,visit the Kickstarter page here.

Just in time for summer is a game that combines, sun, sand and crabs from Daily Magic Games, coming out July 15.

Crabs! is a 3-5 player card game in which players are attempting to catch the best crab from the pool within their space limitations, upgrading their gear for hunting and fulfill orders for customers.

In each turn, players may choose one of 6 actions: “catch” a crab by drawing two cards, “raise” by exchanging crab cards for crab cards, “trade” by exchanging cards point for point, “upgrade” by discarding cards for gear, “tie crabs” by discarding cards for a score card or “relax” by untapping up to 3 score cards. At the end of each player’s turn, score cards may be traded for an objective card.

The end of the game is triggered when someone achieves 25 or more victory points, turns are completed and whoever got the most VP wins and is named the best crab hunter.

Game time is an estimated 20-35 minutes and is for 3-5 players, ages 12 and up.