Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games.

Studio Chahut have spent 6 years sweating buckets to bring you Post Human W.A.R. on PC. It’s a turn-based, tactical and psychological strategy game where you form your armies and set off on an adventure through solo campaigns, or face other players online!

“At the dawn of our third millennium, mankind went extinct, leaving behind a deeply affected planet Earth. Ferocious mutated animals, household robots converted for warfare, and inventive monkeys in tracksuits battle it out to decide the fate of the human heritage.”

The designers have placed heavy emphasis on the strategy element of the game with nothing left to chance. At the beginning of a battle each player creates an army then selects a secret unit to be the Champion from those in their army. The first player to kill the opposing Champion wins the game. These simple rules allow for strong tactical choices in the selection of your army as well as the bluffing and subterfuge in order to protect your Champion. Terrain also plays an important part during combat as you’re able to create barricades and destroy obstacles. The game is played from an isometric point of view and on hex-grid based maps.

There are various modes of play including:

  • Solo campaign
  • Local multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer
  • Friendly matches
  • Competitive matches

Humans may be extinct but the remaining robots, monkeys, and mutated creatures make for interesting armies. Absurd humor, rich content, 18 solo missions, 3 different universes, 3 factions and 36 playable units set against a post-apocalyptic background provides an interesting play experience.

Indie publisher, Playdius, have made the game available on Steam.

Fantasy Flight Games have announced The Wilds of Rhovanion, the next Deluxe Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game continues to provide adventurers of Middle-Earth with new lands to explore and greater threats to face. 1 to 4 players use heroes from J.R.R Tolkien’s fantasy universe to embark on journeys similar to those found in the novels.

As the shadow of Mordor extends its reach, ever more people are torn from their homes and left without safety or refuge. When you are met with one such band of wanderers, you find yourself honor-bound to deliver them to a new setting where they may finally find peace. But the road is treacherous and fraught with dangers. Will you be able to keep them safe? Who knows what you may encounter over the Edge of the Wild?

In this expansion you accompany a group of refugees, the Haradrim from the previous Adventure Cycle, seeking asylum in the Wilderlands. Three original scenarios take you from the Vales of the Anduin, through Mirkwood Forest, then into the Iron Hills as you explore the vast, untamed country of Rhovanion. Those familiar with Tolkien Lore will remember these settings from the story of The Hobbit. Bard Son of Brand, descendant of the bowman who slew Smaug, is ready to join as a hero to guide you through his homelands. The merchants of Dale also help you master the art of the trade which is focused on your ability to utilize Item attachments.

The expansion comes with 156 cards which includes 2 hero cards, 13 quest cards, 39 player cards, and 102 encounter cards. As is customary for FFG’s Living Card Game format this Deluxe Expansion will be followed by 6 monthly Adventure Packs which build upon the story set forth in this box.

The core set is required in order to play this Deluxe Expansion. Expect to find the Wilds of Rhovanion in stores in the first Quarter of 2018.

Divinity Derby is currently shipping to distributors and will be in retail stores from December 14th. Other countries will see the release in the coming weeks.

Zeus invited you, along with a bunch of other divine friends from all around the Multiverse, for a little get-together on Mount Olympus. After a legendary lunch and more than a few rounds of Ambrosia, the drink of the gods, you start arguing. Which mythic creature is the fastest? Is a Pegasus a better flyer than a Lamassu? Can the fire-breath of a Dragon stop a Phoenix? [Source]

Divinity Derby is a card-driven, racing and betting game which plays with 3 to 6 players. The game is designed by Carlo A. Rossi, plays quickly and caters for ages 10+. Players assume the roles of gods who are betting on a race among mythical flying creatures. Zeus acts as the ultimate judge as the gods seek to influence the race. Players have two hands of cards which is shared with their neighbors and they can either conspire with, or against, the other players.

The box includes a game board featuring stunning artwork and six miniatures modeled by master sculptor, Bob Naismith, representing the mythical creatures. It also includes over 100 cards illustrated by Ukrainian artist, Denis Martynets, along with card holders and tokens. For more information and a video presentation you can check the Ares Games website.

Games Workshop have released a number of Dark Angel related products for pre-order.

The Dark Angels are part of the Warhammer 40k universe in which the tabletop game is based. In the game you collect miniatures representing armies from the distant future. Missions are played across battlefields of your own creation in the 41st Millenium.

A new Codex detailing the Dark Angels history as well as the rules to play the faction in the game is being released. Players will need this latest version of the Codex in order to play the current incarnation of The Unforgiven.

You can also plan your secret agenda using the Dark Angels Datacards which are used to easily reference Stratagems, Psychic Powers, and Tactical Objectives.

Themed dice to match the Deathwing will add to the game’s immersion when playing this faction.

A new leader, Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah, along with new Primaris Aggressor, Hellblaster, and Intercessor units can be used to form your army. Heads, shoulder pads, power swords, and other themed accessories will also be available.

The Games Workshop website is accepting pre-orders where you’re also able to check if your order will arrive in time for Christmas.

The Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set adds a new play format to the wildly popular Star Wars: Destiny game.

For over a year, Star Wars™: Destiny has put players in the middle of epic duels from the Star Wars galaxy. From Rey and Jyn Erso teaming up to fight Count Dooku to Han Solo facing down Jango Fett, Star Wars: Destiny has allowed players to live out any battle they could imagine from a galaxy far, far away.

Now, Star Wars: Destiny invites you to relive the epic showdowns of Star Wars in a brand-new way with the Rivals Draft Set. Team up with five other players and participate in a card draft before creating decks and proving yourself as the ultimate Star Wars: Destiny player!

A draft requires each player to have their own Rivals Draft Set as well as six booster packs taken from any Star Wars: Destiny set. The Fantasy Flight website has a full example of the draft process.

Limited quantities will be released on Friday, December 15th 2017 to celebrate the holiday season. It’s important to note that the cards released for the holiday season will not be tournament legal until the official release. The full, official release will be in the first quarter of 2018. There will be a special release promotion with more information soon.

Governor Pryce plans to make big and medium sized ships in Star Wars: Armada formidable again.

2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig was overjoyed when he won the 2015 Star Wars: Armada World Championship but it was not the way he wanted to win.

Prior to Worlds, I had dreamed of marching a giant Imperial Star Destroyer across the table and watching waves of enemy ships break against its shields as its turbolaser batteries ended their feeble attempts to stop me. Sadly, however, the more I put the Imperial Star Destroyer on the table, the more I found my attempts to fly it to victory more frustrating than impressive.

When I won Worlds, I knew I wanted my card effect to prevent the Imperials from suffering these kinds of insults in the future. The Star Destroyer was a massively imposing force in the movies, and I wanted it to invoke the same awe and fear on the table.

With the aid of the design team, Jonathan helped create a card which supports the ships he always wanted to fly. Her ability allows the ship to which she is assigned to activate at the end of the Ship Phase. The activation round is based on the token placed on her card after fleet deployment. Should players properly position a Star Destroyer to activate last in the round it would be devastating to any ships caught in their firing arc.

Governor Pryce will be released as part of the Chimaera Expansion Pack along with Grand Admiral Thrawn, and a new Imperial Star Destroyer with an alternate paint scheme.


Steamforged Games have announced that Dark Souls The Card Game will be coming to stores in 2018.

It will be a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1 to 4 players which follows a similar theme and progression system as the video game on which it is based.

Players explore Encounters around them to defeat a variety of enemies, and gain Souls and Treasure. A player’s deck represents their health and their tactical options in combat. Health, and the deck, is only restored when a player rests at a bonfire. Adapting to enemy behaviour and memorizing their attacks is key towards defeating them and progressing towards the Final Boss battle.

In the core game there are four bosses who each have their own deck of 8 devastating attacks:

  • Vordt of the Boreal Valley
  • Abyss Watcher
  • Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • High Lord Wolnir

Players can also choose between four classes including the Herald, Knight, Assassin,  and Sorcerer. Each of these have a powerful in-game ability.

The core game includes:

  • Over 400+ cards (Starting Deck Cards, Equipment Cards, Stamina Cards, Enemy Cards, Boss Cards)
  • Playing Boards (Player Board, Encounter Board, Enemy Board)
  • 60+ Tokens
  • Rulebook

Steamforged Games also developed the board game version of Dark Souls which is currently available.

Curtel Games have created a unique, visual novel called The Ballad Singer which is based on RPGs and choose-your-own-adventure style books. The video game boasts 1700+ narrative developments, 700+ illustrations, 40 alternative endings, and 10+ hours of play per narrative path. The story is based in the fantasy world of Hesperia, a fictional universe created by Italian author Alberto De Stefano where the laws of science merge with magic.

We’ve taken elements from game-books and visual novels to develop a videogame with an unprecedented format. TBS offers a fantasy story yet to be written, where the world changes and reacts to the player’s actions. This will allow you to live up to 1700 stories and 40 different endings, your decisions will affect the way the tale unfolds. Every single development and subplot in your story will be completely narrated and illustrated, even the smallest ones. Death is final, you won’t be able to go back to try and correct your mistakes. In TBS, every choice is crucial.


In the game you play as 1 of 4 adventurers who all have unique skills and abilities with which to weave your story. Utilizing “The Domino System” your decisions are definitive and affect both your character and others’ choices. This branching system is based on “Chaos Theory”. No matter how small or significant your decision, each moment is accompanied with beautiful artwork and rich, engrossing audio. When an adventurer dies or reaches their narrative end they can no longer be used and you need to start with a new adventurer with the previous decisions you’ve made affecting the current one selected. Available characters depend on the choices previously made.

The game supports a single-player “My Ballad” campaign mode which lets you write your own story with multiple adventurers. Your results can then be compared to other players who have also completed this mode of the game. Alternatively, you can play in a co-operative “Hot Seat” mode which lets you play offline with a friend where each player takes turns with different characters with the previous player’s decisions affecting the current player’s experience.

The game will be available in both English and Italian with versions for Windows and Mac. At the $75k pledge level they are also planning to develop a PS4 version. The developers have plans to release a mobile version in future based on the overall success of the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter only has 5 days to go as it ends on Sunday, December 17th 2017, with $27,923 already pledged from 844 backers which is just shy of their target of $29,447. The base copy of the game costs $21 which will be available on Steam or DRM-free. There is a huge variety of pledge levels which adds physical products such as maps, artbooks, and posters and includes shipping. The game is expected to release November 2018.

The Bottled Imp Game is currently running on Kickstarter. It’s a 20-minute competitive fantasy deduction card game for 2 to 6 players in which you need to outwit your friends to catch the imp. The game is a spin-off of a YouTube channel of the same name which explores the realms of fantasy. They have teamed up with designer, Kedric Winks, who has also designed other games including Lost in R’lyeh, Cadaver, Ghost Hunter, and Imps: Devilish Duels. The Kickstarter rewards tie into the other products produced by The Bottled Imp website and previous games by the designer.

Deep in Clagfoot swamp, the foulest bog in all of Edra, there is a myth that tells of a curious bottle with the power to grant one’s heart’s desire. For trapped inside the bottle is a mischievous imp known as Grocklesnook. Just how he obtained his power and how he became trapped, has been lost in the mire of the swamp.

Many have travelled far and wide to claim the bottle. Over ford, hill, and grove; through forest, field, and desert; arcane alkymystics, celestial clerics, daylight druids, spirit shamans, wretched warlocks, ward wizards, and white witches all seek the bottled imp and crave its ultimate power.

The object of the game is to be the last player holding the Bottled Imp Card at the end of the game after playing 8 rounds. Players take turns playing cards to sabotage their opponents.

Players start off with a life total of 7 which directly correlates with the number of cards they can have in their hand. Life points are tracked on a custom 6-sided die with numbers 2 thru 7. A Spyglass card can be used to reveal a player’s hand, while a Lockpick card may be used to take a card from an opponent’s hand. The Dagger card can be used to reduce life points and force a player to discard a card to match their life points. Conversely, the Pie & Ale card can be used to heal life points thereby increasing your hand limit. Finally, there are Wild/Coin cards which can function as any card type and also grants the person holding the most of these at the end of the game second place.

You can download the rules from the Ghastly Games website or wait for the how to play video which should be up soon.

The game, by Ghastly Games, needs a total pledge of $6,699 with 12 days to go to it’s funding date of Sunday, December 24th 2017. There are currently 96 backers of which 77 got in on the earlier, discounted pledge levels. It’s at 39% of it’s funding goal with a pledge of $27 (excluding shipping) netting you a base copy of the game with an estimated ship date of March 2018.