Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games.

Sailing Toward Osiris is a board game from Daily Magic Games for 2-5 players, aged 14+, where players aim to become the next Pharaoh by gathering resources using laborers, gaining favor from the gods, and using citizen powers to build monuments on the River Nile.

“Egypt needs a new ruler and the Pharaoh has left no descendants to take the crown. Law dictates that the governor to bury the Pharaoh will become the next Pharaoh, and in order to gain the privilege of burying the Pharaoh you must build monuments in his honor.” [source]

The Sailing Toward Osiris: Governors & Envoys expansion supports 1-5 players. Players can choose a Governor who has special privileges and select an objective for secret, end-game, bonus points. They can use their Envoy to carry out special tasks to reserve terrain or spaces for use in a later action. There are also new Boon of Ra cards which modify the Governor’s build action for a season.

The Sailing Toward Osiris: Governors & Envoys expansion is designed by the base game’s designer, W. David MacKenzie, and is expected to release on September 15th, 2018.

In The Island of Doctor Lucky: A Most Dangerous Game, the hunter becomes the hunted as the classic Kill Doctor Lucky gets a tropical spin in this new stand-alone board game. Players take on the roles of enemies of the philanthropist, Doctor J. Robert Lucky, who they’re trying to kill on the tropical island of Isla Fortuna. The game supports 2-8 players, aged 12+, and plays in around 40 minutes.

“Dodge hazards like the fire pit, the hunting snare, and the hammerhead crabs as you navigate the perilous regions of Isla Fortuna. Find the old man alone, and kill him with whatever you can find: the shark tooth, the elephant gun, the bad dates, or (if you must) your bare hands. Every murder attempt makes you stronger, and if you play your cards right, you can kill Doctor Lucky!” [source]

Isla Fortuna is more dangerous than Lucky Mansion, from the original game, so players will be dodging monsters and traps while there. Players need to find Doctor Lucky alone on the map in a place where no one can see them to perform the dastardly deed.

There are also new Hazard cards which allow players to “take him out” from anywhere else on the map. Though it’s not as strong as a murder attempt, a Hazard card, once played, gives a player faster movement for the rest of the game. Hazard cards can also be thrown at other players. Doctor Lucky has an island pet, Javier the Panther, which fulfills the same role as the cat from the original game in that players can’t see out of the space if shared with the panther.

The Island of Doctor Lucky: A Most Dangerous Game is published by Cheapass Games, and designed by James Ernest, with art by Israel Evans, Nate Taylor, and BJ Becker. The game will see release on August 15th, 2018.

Modiphius Entertainment are running a Kickstarter project to fund Kung Fu Panda The Board Game. It’s a co-operative game where 2-4 players must defeat Tai Lung, and other villains from the Kung Fu Panda movies, in a certain time limit. The game supports players aged 8+, and plays in 10-30 minutes.

“The game uses the Furious Action Dice which show various faces: a Kick, a Punch, two Moves, a Chi and a Claw. Players frantically roll four dice to get different combos to move around the board, attack enemies, and complete exciting objectives. The game features a unique mechanic, if you roll Claws on the dice, you move around the Dial of Destiny triggering enemies to spawn and attack!”  [source]

Players need to face the different challenges such as Ox Grunts, Wolf Slashers & Spearmen, and the Wolf Boss. Finally, they will face Tai Lung himself.

Kung Fu Panda The Board Game is designed by Kristian Amundsen Østby (known for Escape from the Temple), Nick Fallon (known for Airfix Battles), James Sheahan (known for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare), and Rob Harris.

The base game will cost about $33 (excluding shipping) while a collector’s edition will set you back $80, which includes the Masters miniatures and player boards and additional stretch goals. The Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday, July 15th, 2018, with delivery estimated to be March 2019.

Renowned artist Kwanchai Moriya (known for Catacombs and Dinosaur Island) has teamed up with designer Conor McGoey (known for Summit: The Board Game) to produce the goriest, trick-taking, card game of Gladiatorial Combat to hit Kickstarter. Gorus Maximus is produced by Inside Up Games, the game plays for 20-45 minutes and supports 2-8 players, aged 13+.

Players create a deck specific to the number of players then each player is dealt 10 cards to form their Troupe. The first card of the round sets the Preferred School, while the first card of the bout sets the Initiating School. Going clockwise, each player contributes 1 gladiator to the bout following the Initiating School, or a gladiator matching the rank of the last gladiator player which changes trump immediately. The strongest Preferred Gladiator wins, otherwise the strongest Initiating Gladiator wins. The winner of the bout leads the next bout setting the Initiating School, while the Preferred School continues between bouts. Cards won contribute to the Crowd Favor which is calculated after 10 bouts of play, with the winner receiving 1 Crowd Support. The first player to reach 3 Crowd Support wins.

There are also 2-player and team-play variants of the game.

Gorus Maximus requires a base pledge of $15 (excluding shipping) for the game but you can opt for a premium edition for $20. The Kickstarter campaign is running until Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 with expected delivery in October 2018.

Jellybean Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Hidden Panda, the latest game from designer Peter C. Hayward (known for The Lady and the Tiger), and with art by Kellie Jo (known for Ninjitsu!). Hidden Panda is a family-friendly, social deduction game for 5-8 players, aged 8+, which plays in 20-30 minutes.

Players take on one of 4 roles as part of two teams. They can be a panda who is hiding from the bandits and trying to get back their babies. Other players can be the bandits who are trying to steal the babies. A single player can also be the keeper, who protects the pandas and subtly lets them know that they’re there to help. Grandma, who is also played by a single player, is there to lead the team, help the pandas, and distract the bandits. Each turn, players try to hand baby pandas to their teammates without giving away their role.

While Grandma and the Keeper are trying to help the hidden pandas, the bandits are trying to capture the hidden pandas in nets. The game has no player elimination as all players keep playing even when they’re netted in a vote (which prevents them collecting baby pandas but allows them to keep voting to help their team). The simple roles, straightforward win condition, cute theme, and short play time should make this game very appealing to younger players.

The Kickstarter campaign includes exclusive wooden, baby panda tokens and allows you to add-on prior games released by Jellybean Games. A base pledge of $23 (excluding shipping, which is only to certain countries) nets you Hidden Panda along with all it’s stretch goals. The campaign is running until Friday, July 6th, 2018, and is expected to ship June 2019.


WizKids have been releasing pre-painted miniatures, called Icons of the Realms, for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast. Since the release of the 5th Edition of D&D they’ve been releasing products as a collective theme as part of a story. Waterdeep Dragon Heist is the latest story, releasing this Fall, and WizKids are releasing miniatures to match.

Ranging from the heroic to the villainous, you can find a Human Warlock of the Fiend, a Devilish Pit Fiend, a Founder of the Zhentarim, Dire Wolf, vicious Brown Bear, and a mysterious Manshoon, among the 44 figures released as part of Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep Dragon Heist. The miniatures are released in random boosters which contain 4 figures: 1 Large or unique Huge figure, and 3 Medium or Small figures.

Customers who pre-order an Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep Dragon Heist standard booster case will be able to buy the City of the Dead Statues & Monuments case incentive promotional set while stocks last. It has statues and monument miniatures which can further enrich the settings you play in, especially when combined with the Fantasy Terrain: Pools & Pillars miniatures set.

Shadowrun Crossfire is a cooperative deck-building game for 1-4 players set in the world of Shadowrun. The world of Shadowrun combines fantasy and sci-fi where mega-corporations run the world and shadowrunners attempt to steal from them. It has a playtime of 60-120 minutes and is aimed at players aged 13+.

A lot of the improvements from Dragonfire, which built upon the Shadowrun Crossfire system, were used to make the Prime Runner Edition. The player count has also been increased to 5 and more missions have been added to the base box.

Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner Edition, published by Catalyst Game Labs, is expected to release June 15th, 2018.

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is a 4X-style miniatures board game where players control 1 of the many factions to expand their kingdom into new territory. Players begin with a basic town hall, a couple of peons, and a single warrior and then explore the territory around them. Through the course of the game they build up their armies, workforce, and kingdom. Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, published by Gamelyn Games, is designed by Scott Almes (better known for the Tiny Epic series of games) with art by Chad HoverterAdam P. McIverIan Rosenthaler, and Benjamin Shulman. It’s intended for 1-4 players, aged 14+, and plays in about 120-180 minutes.

The base game supports 1-4 plays in various game modes such a solo, 2 vs 2, and free-for-all and includes 4 factions (Humans, Orcs, Elves, & Dwarves). If you add the Order & Chaos expansion it allows up to 6 players in 2 vs 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and free-for-all mode and adds 4 more factions (Undead, Lionkin, Lizardfold, & Goblins). The Pestilence expansion adds a 7th player and two more factions (Birdfolk & Merfolk).

There are also Mercenary mini expansions, which offer a wide range of heroes who can be recruited by any player without prerequisites, and a siege engines mini expansion which offers siege constructs. There is also a Printing Update Kit for those who own the first edition of the game and want to use the new expansion. If you don’t want to paint all those miniatures yourself, you can add an extra amount to your pledge to have them pre-painted.

A free app for Android and iOS is currently in development which will assist in playing the game and should be available for download in August, 2018.

The second printing of the base game requires a pledge of $84, or you can get the Pestilence expansion for $30 (both exclude shipping). There are also pledges to get add the various expansions as well as a range of add-ons. Visit the Kickstarter project page for more information. The project has already met it’s funding goal, will end on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, and estimated delivery is April 2019.

After the success of Vast: The Crystal Caverns, Leder Games still felt like they had more ideas they wanted to explore using Vast’s mechanisms and so Vast: The Mysterious Manor was born. It’s designed by Patrick Leder, with art by Kyle Ferrin (known for Root, and Vast: The Crystal Caverns), and caters for 1-5 players, aged 13+, with a play time of roughly 60-120 minutes.

“Leder Games presents its newest asymmetric adventure game, Vast: The Mysterious Manor. The Mysterious Manor takes you and your friends on an adventure in a haunted house. Here there are few heroes. Instead, each player takes on a unique role, with dramatically different abilities and goals. Play as the pious Paladin, the murderous Skeletons, the dreaded Spider, the bewitching Enchanter, or the Manor itself. With dozens of player configurations, a modular board, and scenarios allowing players to integrate content from Vast: The Crystal Caverns, the Mysterious Manor offers new and old players alike with fresh new adventures in the world of Vast!” [source]

The Paladin‘s goal is to slay the unholy spider as an act of redemption to please his forsaken gods. He can explore the mansion, fight poltergeists, and pursue the unholy spider.

The Skeletons‘ goal is to defeat the sanctimonious Paladin who has invaded their home. They’re made up of Stabby (who attacks in darkness), Slashy (who can attack when others cannot), Screamy (helps others get in position), Shooty (attacks from a distance), and Casty (hinders the Paladin with spells).

The Spider wishes to escape the Manor and rebuild its strength after having broken out of their prison. It can transform into the form of a Caster (can tend to eggs and strike from afar), Spiderlings (spins webs in the Mansion), and a Giant Spider (hunts enemies).

The Manor itself is awaken by the Spider’s intrusion and it must rush to seal its walls and contain the magic inside before being destroyed. It can confuse the players by moving corridors, haunt them with a Wraith, and clear passages so that it can perform sealing rituals.

Finally, The Enchanter wants to beguile others by tempting them into passageways laid with their traps, or charm the weak to empower or limit them, or beguile them to claim their minds forever.

The base game and included expansion requires a pledge of $75 (excluding shipping). The project has already blown it’s funding goal out of the water and will run on Kickstarter until Tuesday, June 26th 2018. It’s estimated delivery is March 2019.

If you’re tired of traders in the Mediterranean, Vikings, Zombies, or Feudal Japanese Lords and wished that there was some other game out there with a theme which hasn’t been done … then this is the game for you! How about sacrificing ten kittens to summon a demon who will then kill your friend? Sound interesting? Then Kitten Casualty: The Remastered Edition is for you and is up on Kickstarter right now!

Kitten Casualty: The Remastered Edition is from publisher Total Fame Ltd in New Zealand who have tweaked the rules, upgraded the art, and streamlined the game from the original Kitten Casualty. It may look a little similar to the other Kitten game which “exploded” on Kickstarter but it’s nothing alike.

In Kitten Casualty you place the Dark Overlord, who gives you the ability to immediately eliminate another player once obtained, in the centre of the table next to the pickup pile of cards. Each player will be dealt 5, random cards at the start of the game. Players then place down up to 3 cards on the table in front of them each turn with the goal of obtaining 10 kittens which are represented by the cards. At the beginning of their turn players draw cards back up to a hand of 5 cards. Once 10 kittens are obtained they can be sacrificed to the Dark Overlord which grants that player control of him and his ability to eliminate players. The winner is the last player standing. There are multiple action cards in the game which can be played to eliminate or slow down other players’ kittens. Players can also collect all 5 Kitten Lord cards which can then be discarded to eliminate a player.

The game caters for 2-5 players, aged 8+, and plays in 10-30 minutes. A base pledge of roughly $19 (USD) will get you the Kitten Casualty: The Remastered Edition card game but they’re shipping from New Zealand so be sure to check the shipping costs on the Kickstarter project page. The project ends Thursday, June 28th 2018 and is already close to meeting it’s goal. Estimated delivery is October 2018.