Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games.

Race to the New Found Land is a new board game from Z-Man Games which is set in the age of discovery. Players will build a fleet and travel across the Atlantic Ocean in search of new land and riches for their country. The game will support 2-4 players, play in 60-90 mins, and is best suited to players aged 10+.

“Sailors dare to take on the ocean, crossing the vast and tempestuous sea to discover new territory. New territories off the coast of North America were discovered: the New Found Land. Now the mightiest nations of western Europe are competing for the riches of this new region, fighting to stake their claim. Build your fleet and sail onward to glory and wealth for your country!” [source]


Players will be loading their ships with supplies then sailing across the sea to deliver those supplies to score victory points as they match orders in various cities. Faster ships cross the seas quicker to beat opponents to matching orders but larger ships can carry more supplies and score more points. You can also set aside resources to upgrade your ships or your shipyard. Once you have staked a claim to a new territory you will also have access to new resources. Players can also unlock unique, special bonuses based on the country they’re playing as.

Race to the New Found Land is designed by Martin Kallenborn (known for Helios) and Jochen Scherer, with art by Alexander Jung (known for Bora Bora and La Isla). Its expected to be released soon and is available for pre-order. Find out more details in Z-Man Games’ news announcement.

Asmodee Digital have announced their first, self-developed, third-person digital game inspired by Fantasy Flight Games’ board game, Mansions of Madness.

“The year is 1926. In a once sleepy town, evil is stirring. The town is plagued by murders, disappearances, and impossible claims of creatures spotted in the shadows that defy explanation. You are one of Arkham’s leading investigators, tasked with getting to the bottom of these strange occurrences by exploring the desolate halls and dark alleyways. And now, a new doorway to the mythos has opened before you. Do you dare to enter?” [source]

Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace is developed by LuckyHammers (who are also developing the Terraforming Mars digital game) and published by Asmodee Digital. Players will be able to play as a team of investigators which include Jenny Barnes, Roland Banks, and Harvey Walters. The investigators will explore the mansion and uncover its dark secrets while also battling eldritch forces, traps, and horrors which threaten the sanity, and lives, of the team.

Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace is expected to release on Steam in the first Quarter of 2019 and will only be available for the PC. For more information check out the Steam and Fantasy Flight websites.

Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 is a new board game from designer Brett Myers (known for co-designing The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game). It features stunning art from Luis Francisco, and Kwanchai Moriya with an Impressionistic art style which evokes the feeling of posters from the early 1900s. The game plays in roughly 45 mins for players aged 13+.

“Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 is an area control strategy game for 1-2 players. Each player directs the forces of the conservative Provisional Government or the socialist activists of the Petrograd Soviet in a struggle for power and influence that will shape Russia’s future and either launch or suppress the impending civil war.” [source]

There’s currently a print and play version available for download on the Kickstarter page and a free version of the game to try on Tabletopia which you can try out before pledging. You can get the game for a pledge of $32 (excluding shipping) on the Kickstarter project page where its reached a third of it’s funding goal with 18 days to go. The project ends on Tuesday, May 8th 2018.


The “Choose Your Own Adventures” book series will always be remembered as those novels which made you choose from options which almost always lead to an unhappy ending. Now Z-Man Games have adapted the concept of the books into an adventure game in the form of “Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger”.

“Images flash through your mind. You only catch a few visuals from these premonitions before they disappear. A grand staircase. A dollar bill. A looming statue. A chill runs up your spine. You know there is danger ahead, but you can’t resist the case.” [source]

In “Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger” you play a psychic detective haunted by the missing owner of the Marsden Mansion. You have only a water bottle, pocketknife, and your detective skills to solve the mystery. Your psychic premonitions may guide you to an untimely demise or guide you to your next promising lead.

“Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger” supports 1-8 players, aged 10+, and plays in an hour or two.  The game is designed by Prospero Hall (known for Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game) and is available for pre-order.

Brotherhood of the Coast is the seventh expansion for T.I.M.E. Stories, a board game in which players take on the roles of temporal agents for the T.I.M.E. Agency which protects humanity from temporal faults and paradoxes. T.I.M.E. Stories is a narrative game, from game studio Space Cowboys, which employs a mechanism called “decksploration” and allows players to retry the scenarios, if they should fail, by going back in time then trying again.

In T.I.M.E. Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast the team travels to 1685 to the Golden Age of piracy.

“We’ve tried to keep this blunder under wraps, but the situation has gone beyond our control, which is the exact reason we’re sending you, agents. Some time ago, four seasoned agents, just like yourselves, were sent to this timeline. Unfortunately, something went awry, and we’ve lost their trace. It’s up to you to track them down and… release them from their receptacles. More details on that at a later date. We’ve seen the way you handle yourselves in the field, and believe you possess the exact skills we need to bring these agents home.” [source]

Two of the available receptacles, which the time agents “inhabit” for the mission, are Carapoux, a gun slinging buccaneer, and Charlotte Gordon, a ruthless pirate captain.

A copy of the base game, T.I.M.E. Stories, will be required to play this expansion. T.I.M.E. Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast supports 2-4 players, aged 12+, and plays in 90 mins to 4 hours depending on the number of players. Expect the expansion to be released in the third quarter of 2018.

After the release of the Crystal Clans Unit Browser, Plaid Hat Games have added descriptions for the Stone Clan units. They also released another scenario for Crystal Clans for players to try out as they face Sinlore’s Return.

“Sinlore the Conqueror was a plague on rival clans in ancient times, but even the Skull Clan must answer to the grave. Now, a mysterious prophet known as the Robed Figure claims to have gathered the components for an ancient ritual to return Sinlore and his vanquished army to power. Can the Flower Clan gather their strongest fghters and use power of the Crystals to stop Sinlore’s return?” [source]

Crystal Clans is a two player, battle card game in which you choose your clan, prepare for battle, and fight for control of powerful crystals.

You can download the scenario from the Plaid Hat Games website with the third scenario to be released next week.

Formal Ferret Games will be releasing Wordsy, the new board game from designer Gil Hova (known for The Networks), in June 2018. Wordsy is a streamlined, reimplementation of Prolix, a word game from 2010. Wordsy is for 1-6 players, aged 10+, and plays in about 20 minutes.

Each round, players study the 8 consonants on the board in real time until a player writes down a word using as many of the consonants on the board as possible, then flips over a 30-second timer. Every other player now has 30 seconds to write down their word. Once the 30 seconds are up the fastest player (who flipped over the timer) scores their word by counting the point value of each of the letters on the board.

Players can add any letters to their word and are not limited to those on the board. Letters score based on which of the 4 columns of the board they’re in, and how rare they are. The fastest player scores first, and is then followed by the other players who scores a small bonus if they score higher than the fastest player. The fastest player scores a bonus if their score is equal to or higher than half the other player’s scores. Players do this for 7 rounds then score their 5 best words and add their bonuses. The player with the most points wins.


Boarders Tabletop Game Studio, a Singapore and Malaysia based company, has allegedly disappeared with tens of thousands in cash and product. They were the primary distributor for several, major Kickstarter projects in the Southeast Asian region, helping customers save money on shipping costs.

Originally the company was setup to support group pledges for Kickstarter projects but has since turned into a nightmare for pledgers. Suspicions were raised when customers noted that the shipping dates on Kickstarter projects did not line up with that of Boarders’ deliveries. Emails and chat messages went unanswered.

Customers who reached out to Kickstarter publishers asking about Boarders found that they had never received payment despite taking money from those customers. Publisher Mighty Boards also posted on their Kickstarter update page that they had shipped Petrichor games to Boarders but had not received payment or been able to contact them. Publishers of Roll Player, Brass, Moa, Food Chain Magnate, Lords of Hellas, Cerebria, Darkest Night, and Cthulhu Wars also reported similar activity by Boarders for products which they had sent.

For more details read the original article on the website as the story is still being updated as more details emerge.

Gem Rush: Second Edition is a polished, new version of the game by Jeremy Lennert (designer of Darkest Night) which has each player as a dwarf working in a magical, gem mine. Players race to build the mine, discover any secrets inside, and strategize based upon it’s evolving layout. Gem Rush: Second Edition supports 1-6 players, aged 14+, and plays in about 45 mins.

In Gem Rush: Second Edition you use gem cards to build new rooms in the mine then use those rooms to replenish gems. There are two modes of play in Gem Rush. Players can either race against each other to 20 points in Rush Mode or players can work together in Crisis Mode where the deck draw pile acts as a timer. Some differences from the First Edition include:

  • Improved component quality
  • New cooperative play mode
  • New competitive mode
  • New magical items such as special gems
  • Player skills cards which allows each dwarf to have a unique ability
  • New room times (including Mine Carts which lets you move quickly between rooms with Mine Carts)

A digital edition (developed by Quicksilver Software Inc.) which only runs on the Steam platform is also included at the base pledge level of $30, along with a custom gem bag. Digital Gem Rush: Second Edition is currently in development though they expect it to be completed by the time the Kickstarter project is ready to ship. The project has already reached it’s funding goal and will end on Thursday, May 10th, 2018. Head on over to the Kickstarter project page for more details.

Zombicide: Invader is the second re-theming of the Zombicide board game system from CMON. The original Zombicide, set in the modern world, did well but not nearly as well as the re-themed Zombicide: Black Plague version. The latest iteration has our survivors out in space fighting Xenos (aliens) instead of zombies. Zombicide: Invader is designed by Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, and Nicolas Raoult with art by Henning Ludvigsen.

This is a standalone, cooperative board game for 1-6 players set in space on a remote, Xenium mining outpost infected with a swarm of aliens controlled by the game itself. As the survivors get stronger the Xenos waves become deadlier. There are civilian and soldier survivors who each have unique strengths in the game. The Xenos are split across Hunters (deadly, fast predators), Workers (numerous but less deadly), Tanks which can take a beating and dish out worse, and the massive Spoiler Abomination which is a walking nightmare.

Zombicide: Invader comes with:

  • 9 Double-sided Game Tiles
  • 72 Miniatures
  • 6 Survivor Plastic Dashboards, Color Bases, and ID Cards
  • 48 Plastic Trackers
  • 6 Dice
  • 125 Mini Cards
  • 15 Mold Cards
  • 50 Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

The game includes a cool looking Peacekeeper Bot and Falchion Sentry Gun which can mow down hordes of Xenos. The longer the survivors stay alive the tougher they get through the experience they obtain killing Xenos and picking up better gear. The survivor plastic dashboard (based on the ones from Zombicide: Black Plague) makes it easier to track character and associated gear stats.

For an upgraded pledge you can get the Zombicide: Black Ops expansion which includes an elite group of survivors such as the Soldiers of Black Squad and expands the player count from a maximum of 6 to a maximum of 12. The expansion also adds 10 new missions which uses 3 new tiles which contain mold and spawn extra Xenos. This part of the base also contains a new type of abomination called a Juggernaut. To deal with these extra nasties the elite Survivors have access to a Meteor Sentry Gun and XN35 “Crawley” Bot.

For a base pledge of $100 (excluding shipping) you can get the core game while a pledge of $150 includes the base game and expansion. There are some Kickstarter exclusive miniatures at both pledge levels and quite a number of them in the stretch goals. The project has already surpassed it’s funding goal by 250% and there are still 23 days to go until the project ends on Thursday, May 3rd 2018. You can back this project by going to the Kickstarter project page.