Ares Games opens Pre-orders for War of the Ring 2nd Edition Anniversary Release Deluxe Set


War of the Ring 2nd Edition Anniversary Edition was the latest edition to be released of this highly rated game, and included no less than 205 fully painted miniatures.  Needless to say, a game this popular with a special edition like that sold out in no time, but now Ares Games is offering something for those that missed it.  The Anniversary Release Deluxe Set will include the anniversary edition rule book, over-sized game board, and companion guide.  Essentially you will be getting the upgraded components of the game minus the game box and all the painted minis.  This is great for two reasons, the first is that miniature painters that already painted their set no longer have to shell out for a boatload of pre-painted minis.  Second, those who missed the original release can now get all the upgraded rules and map to upgrade their existing copy.  Cost differs based on where it is being shipped but will run you around $70 plus shipping, so hurry to Ares Games’ website to order before the window closes on October 5th.