Are RPGs and Board Games in Competition With Each Other?

RPGs and board games are lumped into the same category called tabletop gaming and so often times people see RPGs and board games competing for the attention of the same people.  However,  Andrei Novac over at NSKN games wrote a blog post about how that isn’t really the case.  He writes about his progression in the hobby and how he never gave much thought to RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons because he is all about the mechanics.  But as he got farther into the hobby he started looking for theme in games to explain the mechanics of the game, and then when he published Mistfall, he wondered if it was a direct competitor to RPGs.  So after trying out D&D for himself he comes to the conclusion that they are not because they are different experiences that scratch a different itch.  Which, as someone who plays both board games and D&D, I wholly agree with his assessment.  Head on over to the NSKN blog to read the full story.