American Specialty Toy Retailing Association Announces 2016 Best Toys For Kids

sneaky cards

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, ASTRA, has recently released their picks for the Best Toys for Kids for 2016.  For the most part it’s a lot of non-board game items, but they do have some game categories with board game winners worth mentioning.  And they are:

Choose your Own CategorySneaky Cards, published by Gamewright

Classic Play, 0-7 YearsRat-A-Tat Cat, published by Gamwright

little red riding hood

Game Play, 3-5 Years – Little Red Riding Hood, published by SmartGames AND Balance Beans, published by ThinkFun

happy salmon

Game Play, 6+ Years – Happy Salmon, published by North Star Games

Game Play, 8 Years+ – Dr. Eureka, published by Blue Orange Games

There are more awards given by ASTRA for other types of toys, so if you want to see the full list you can download it from the ASTRA site.