About Us

Rob Searing Bio

Rob Searing has been a member of the Dice Tower for the past 3 & 1/2 years – primarily tasked with maintaining the website, assisting in graphic design, and managing advertising. Rob is married with 7 children who actually form his gaming group. Some of his family’s favorites are Mice & Mystics, The Enchanted Tower, Bugs in the Kitchen, Thunderstone, and Jamaica. His wife, although not an avid gamer, has been known to enjoy a game of Love Letter or Splendor. Rob has worked in the telecom industry for the past 14 years and is an active member in the Church. He runs a board game “insert” business on the side (www.searing.me/robstore) and enjoys the time spent on Dice Tower projects.

“Of all the board game podcasts out there, I always seemed to relate to Tom and his views. He’s an upstanding father and husband (with a large family himself). He is a very humble man with strong Christian roots. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and his vision of bringing board games to everyone.”

Paul Owen Bio

Paul Owen started with chess and the usual Parker Brothers family games until he discovered a Boys Life advertisement for Avalon Hill wargames that changed his life. Counters and hexes led to Dungeons and Dragons, until years later a wargaming colleague introduced him to Settlers of Catan and the European gaming world. Designer of the family game Trains Planes and Automobiles, Paul now writes the Man OverBoard blog on paulowengames.blogspot.com and delivers the Kickstarter report every Friday on dicetowernews.com.

“Never lose the joy of playing a game in the pursuit of winning it.” – Wil Wheaton

Joseph Fisher Bio

Joseph Barber and his wife Elysia love to play Eclipse, Agricola, Quarriors, and Settlers of Catan on the tablet. Occasionally, his stepson, Sean, joins in when he wants to step away from the violin. Joseph works in IT for Baylor Scott and White Healthcare System in Dallas, Texas.

“If you are ever in the area, drop me a line and we’ll grab a beer, barbeque, and some games.”

Reuven Bio

Reuven Fischer has been playing games for as long as he can remember. With all the rage about Bobby Fischer & Chess in the early 70’s, Reuven Fischer started playing chess in 1972. For most of the 70’s and well into his college years, Reuven played tournament chess & Backgammon. In 1994 Reuven discovered Magic the Gathering, which (as it tends to do) consumed both his spare time & cash. During the past 10 years, Reuven turned to board gaming as a method of “unplugging” his family on Saturday’s for the Jewish Sabbath. From there his participation in the hobby grew. Reuven is one of the producers/editors of the Dicetower Showdown Podcast. Currently his favorite games are: Agricola, Terra Mystica, Vikings & Android Netrunner.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

Elliott Bio

Elliott Miller has been a gamer most of his life. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, he learned early that it was kill or be killed on the mean board games of Chicago. Five kids, two marriages, and many jobs later; Elliott rediscovered his board game passions and hasn’t looked back. Elliott performs a couple of the intros on the Dice Tower, and has his own website and You Tube Channel, www.VoiceofE.com, where he is both a reporter, reviewer, and an entertainer (in his opinion). Elliott creates thematic board game reviews as a way to polish up his filmmaking abilities in anticipation of the call from Hollywood he expects some day. Many big name board game publishers have been quoted as saying “What the heck is this?” after watching one of Elliott’s board game reviews. He hosts the Wednesday Dice Tower News podcast and doesn’t want to eat kale, but he will if he must. Elliott is a big fan of Star Trek, Marvel, Lovecraft, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other cool stuff. You can reach him @VoiceofE on Twitter.

“We’d like to get a sample of your brain tissue” – Egon Spengler