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Rob Searing Bio

Rob Searing has been a member of the Dice Tower for the past 8 & 1/2 years – primarily tasked with maintaining the website, assisting in graphic design, and managing advertising. Rob is married with 8 children who actually form his gaming group. Some of his family’s favorites are Mice & Mystics, The Enchanted Tower, Bugs in the Kitchen, Thunderstone, and Jamaica. His wife, although not an avid gamer, has been known to enjoy a game of Love Letter or Splendor. Rob has worked in the telecom industry for the past 16 years and is an active member in the Church. He runs a board game “insert” business on the side called Insert Here (www.inserthere.me) and enjoys the time spent on Dice Tower projects. You can contact Rob @ robertsearing@hotmail.com.

“Of all the board game podcasts out there, I always seemed to relate to Tom and his views. He’s an upstanding father and husband (with a large family himself). He is a very humble man with strong Christian roots. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and his vision of bringing board games to everyone.”