A New Terror Comes to Star Wars: Destiny

With the first rotation looming in the near future, players of Fantasy Flight Games hit CCG, Star Wars: Destiny, were anxious. The rotation removes all the cards from the original Awakenings set from standard play, including Star Wars’s best baddie, Darth Vader. Speculation and rumors were confirmed when FFG spoiled new cards from the upcoming Way of the Galaxy set in their most recent announcement.

A new and improved Darth Vader will come crashing onto the scene and he’s bringing quite a few thematic and synergized cards with him. Darth Vader’s light saber makes its first appearance in the game. It’s a long anticipated upgrade that appears to be well worth the wait. The spoilers also introduced Vader’s Fist, a support card and nod to the 501st Legion who served Vader throughout the Clone Wars.

While the Legacies block has introduced plenty of cards that rely on spotting specific characters, Across the Galaxy introduces several cards that are enhanced by the presence of Darth Vader. The Dark Lord of the Sith is already a terror to behold. With these new tools, who can possibly stop Vader from spreading fear across the galaxy?

No official release date has been announced from Fantasy Flight games but it is anticipated soon. Be sure to check out your local FLGS for more information and to get involved in your local scene!