4 New Gryphon Bookshelf Games Announced in Musée Kickstarter


The Gryphon Bookshelf Series just begs to be collected. Not only are the games created by well-known designers like Sid Sackson, Reiner Knizia, Alan R. Moon, and Bruno Faiduti, but they also come in small numbered boxes that look fantastic sitting on a shelf next to each other. In the Kickstarter campaign for Musée by Alf Seegert (Fantastiqa, The Road to Canterbury), Gryphon and Eagle Games announced that four new games would be added to the series. The new games include Jason Corace’s Lords & Ladies, Wyatt Earp by Richard Borg and Mike Fitzgerald, Sid Sackson’s Sleuth, and Alf Seegert’s Musée.

musee cards

The main focus of the Kickstarter Musée, which is a quick 2 to 4 player card game about organizing valuable pieces of artwork within your own personal museum. Musée features 60 pieces of art from the fifteenth to early twentieth centuries, and you earn points in the game by putting similarly themed pieces of art next to one another. You can’t just put any piece of artwork wherever you please though, each painting has an exhibition number that limits how you can organize your museum. It will take a lot of planning and clever placement of each painting to make your exhibition the best that it can be.

If you’re interested in Musée or the Gryphon Bookshelf series, check out the Kickstarter page for more details. The funding period ends Wednesday, August 27 and the game is expected to ship in December 2014. One of the neat things about this Kickstarter is that you can also purchase other games featured in Bookshelf series along with your order of Musée.