13 Clues Rulebook Available Online


13 Clues a new game designed by Andrés J. Voicu and published by dV Giochi (responsible for the BANG! series of board games). 13 Clues is a 2-6 player deduction style game in which each player is trying to solve their own case and figure out which of the “13 clues” match their case. dV Giochi has recently published the rulebook for the game and it can be downloaded here.


The game’s components will include:

30 Clue cards
6 card holders
6 hiding screens
6 pencils
12 plastic stands
6 top secret folders
a pad of Casebook Pages
10 Magnifying Glass tokens
1 Secret Informant board

You can find out more about the game by visiting dV Giochi’s website here.